curriculum vitae:
Slavek Kwi / Artificial Memory Trace


Studying in Conservatoire Royal de Musique in Liege (compositions with Frederic Rzewski), 
Centre de Recherches et Educations Musicales de Wallonie and 1991-93 Musiques & Recherches in Ohain, Belgium.
Artificial Memory Trace (AMT) formed, dominating interest in electro-acoustic research with philosophical context, 
concept of digitally frozen contemplation, emphasis on the perception.
1988 - 1997 
Extensive free-music experiments including Naw-duo with Peter Jacquemyn (double-bass), 
NDE  (live electronics), Paradox Total, Frogx (objects, self-made devices), 
simultaneously operating under name  K w i  in international tape-network.
1980 - 1986 
First tape-compositions and experiments with free-music approaches.

Main projects for 2010 and 2011:

19 March-8 May 2011, "Shorelines" open at Burnie Art Gallery, Tasmania, Australia

Jan. 2011: "Ama-Zone", multichannel live installation in The National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Autumn 2010 - January 2011: "Shorelines" touring in Ireland (Mermaid, Bray open 21 Oct-20 Nov and Siamsa, Tralee open 27 Nov-2010 - 15 Jan 2011)

Nov: performance "Subaquantum Ultrealith", 5.1 surround sound-installation "Conche (Geophonie: episode1 from Newfoundland)" and seminar/talk, Murcia, Spain.

Nov: Mamori Sound Project, Amazonas_Brazil (as assistant of director F.Lopez).

Sept: multichannel installation "Dromore", City Arts Theatre, Dublin in IMRAM festival - collaboration with poet Seamas Cain (USA)

Aug: performance "Subaquantum Ultrealith" and leading workshops "Animal Voices" in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.

Feb 25th - April 3rd in Corner Brook and May 28th - Sept 26th in The Rooms, St.John's, Newfoundland
"Threshold" installation in "Shorelines" collective and collaborative exhibition in Canada.

Prizes and Awards:

2008, received from The Arts Council and CREATE "Artist in the Community Scheme"
2008, received from The Arts Council "Multi-Annual Composer's Bursary" Award.
2006, received from The Arts Council "Multimedia Bursary" Award.
2004, received from The Arts Council and CREATE "Artist in the Community Scheme"
2003, received from The Arts Council "Composer's Bursary" Award.
Prize of IMEB 2002: Eric La Casa & Slavek Kwi: "Vibratility.Mozaik" received 
Prize of the Electroacoustic Sonic Art Category in the 29th International Competition 
of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art, Bourges 2002, France.

Cinanima 2002, International Animated Film Festival, Portugal: The Best Original Soundtrack 
in film The Milliner, shared with Gregory Magee (composer of instrumental part).

2008, artist in residence - Auralog: The Incubation space, The Lab, Dublin City Council
2001-2002: IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Arts), Dublin, Ireland.
2000-2001: Arthouse, Dublin, Ireland. 1998 + 2000: DR Radio 1 - Lydmuren, Copenhagen, Denmark (commissioned 2 radio pieces)
Soun.Din Activities:
2007-2010: Collaboration with Playback Theatre Company, numerous performances.
Performances in LAB, DIT, Shed - Dublin, OBG - Belfast, recording and playing in forest Dun Ri, Co. Meath and underwater in swimming pool, Dublin.
2006: concerts in Lazybird, International Bar and Ear Plugged Festival, LAB, Dublin.
2002-2004 organised serie of performances Situ.Actions and Clubs in
St.Brendan's Psychiatric Hospital, PAC (Project Arts Centre), Chesterbeatty Library,
NCH (National Concert Hall), IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Arts), RHA (Royal Hibernian Academy), TBG (Temple Bar Gallery), Convergence Festival etc.
2003: audiovisual installation, "Living in a Cloud" collective exhibition, RHA, Dublin.
2002: co-founder of Soun.Din, collective focussed on performing and exploration
of sound-art (and various crossovers of art-media) within social context.
WORKS [ s e l e c t e d ]:
2008, radio-piece "Mamori" in collaboration with Ruben Garcia (Spain), Radio Resonance FM - London, UK. 

2003, "PetRadio", Aether Festival, Albuquerque, USA. 

2003, radio-piece "1 hour as ... transitions", Radio Resonance FM - London, UK.
April 2003: live radio_performance with Jennifer Walshe organized by Lampo in Chicago, USA. 2000, radio-piece "Where the language might be born" produced by IYMF, RadioLab (Belgium) & Arthouse (Ireland). Broadcast: 2000, Brussels and 2001, RTE emission Not so different, Dublin. Ars Acustica 1995-98: radio-pieces, commissions of VRT, Radio 3 in Brussels, Belgium. Contributed to 1st Nordic Sound Art Festival, YLE-Radio, Faeroe Islands 1st Nordic Sound Art Festival, YLE-Radio, Faeroe Islands. and Radio 100 in Amsterdam, Holland.
Film, theatre:
2008: soundtrack in collaboration with Colm O'Snodaigh (Kila) for show
of Puca Puppets (Niamh Lawlor) "Roisin & The Seal".
2007: 11th Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture, Prague
Quadrennial - participation with soundtrack for Coraline show of Puca Puppets
created by Skwi, Irish National Exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic.
2006: Sphinx, short film of A. Klimowski, Kavaleer Productions, Dublin.
2006: Coraline, puppet's show of Puca Puppets, touring Ireland.
2006: Shifts, short film of Leticia Agudo, Whackala Company, Dublin.
2003: Depository, animation film of A. Klimowski, Kavaleer Prod., Dublin.
2002: Echoes, in collab. with Sven Anderson for 4-channel video installation of Ciara Moore,
Kerry Film Festival 2002, Killarney. 2002: Camouflage, film of Ciara Moore, Cork Film
Festival 2002 and Kerry Film Festival 2002, Siamsa Tire Gallery, Tralee.
2002: The Milliner, 3D-animation film of Kavaleer Prod., Dublin.
2001: A Red Day, theatre Ishka,The Mint, Dublin & 2002 in London.
1996: Diluvio, TV-film of Patricio Lagos, produced by WIP, RTBF, France 3.

Multi-channel tape-compositions:
1995 "Tri-Ality" (21min), 8-channel piece performed in Canada, Belgium, Holland. 

1998 "Zoom-Spectives" (48min), 8-channel piece in collab. with Benoit De Clerck, performed 
1998/2001 in Belgium, Germany (Hamburg, Frankfurt), Denmark, France. 
Nov. 2005: Observatori Festival, Valencia, Spain.
Sept.-Oct. 2001, Marks of Ommission, 6-channel sound-installation "Spectral Territories Pt2" (34min) in Arthouse, Dublin.

2009: SIGNALS PT4_5, surround 5.1 installation in Tropical Ravine, Botanic Gardens, Belfast, Capitalyst Arts  Festival 
and audio_DVD collection of 5.1 works released. 

2009: Wet Sounds: participating in 2nd underwater festival in UK with "Shift" composition
2009: (h)ear XL, an exhibition with "Boto" (sound-inst.), kuS and Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen, Holland.
2008: Auralog: Thisisnotashop Gallery as part of DEAF-festival, Dublin (5.1 surround installation)
2009: Wet Sounds: participating in 1st underwater festival in UK with "Sonafon" composition
2008 March: Sound_installation 5.1 dolby surround MORPHEME in INTIMACIES, Context
Galleries, Derry, Northern Ireland
2008 Feb. - March: Sound_installation 5.1 dolby surround SIGNALS, Broadcast Gallery,
DIT, Dublin. Including live performance with Soun.Din.
2008 Jan. - March: 2 Places, sound installations in collective exhibition simultaneous in Ormeau
Bath Gallery, Belfast and IDC University of Limerick.
2007: RattleSnake, 36_speakers inst. in Sound Oasis Project in The University
Art Museum (CSULB), Long Beach, California, USA.
2007 composition for headphones, Sydney Non Objective - gallery, New South Wales,
Australia. Exhibited also in Melboune at Counterpoint gallery. Curated by S. Panatteri.
2007: Drawing The Air in Synesthesia Sat, Birr, Ireland. Curated by Paul Murnaghan.
2006: RattleSnake, 36_speakers inst. in Sound Oasis, Mexico City, Mexico.
2005: multichannel_inst. Unspeakable in exhibition EIST in Limerick City Gallery of Art.
2004: sound inst. Music For Fish and workshop/lecture, Soundworks Festival, Cork.
2004: Sound Oasis, field research for site-based inst. in Mexico City, Mexico.
2004: audiovisual inst. Apt.30, Pallas Heights, Dublin. Collab. with Seoidin O'Sullivan.
2003: Ozohm_Zone, Fringe Festival, Back Up, City Arts Centre, Dublin.
2003: Cardiograph with Paul Murnaghan, Galerie Rachel Haferkamp, Cologne, Germany.
2003: Jelly_Fish in Permaculture, Project Arts Centre, Dublin.
2002: Estuary in collective exhibition Mend, Storehouse, Dublin.
2002: Soundshapes, collaborative sound-inst. for Galway Arts Festival with following tour in Ireland during 2002-2003. 2002: Helen's Music Box, Tripswitches, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin.
2002: DIN, co-curating exhibition about sound-art in Arthouse, Dublin.
2001, Marks of Ommission, 6-channel sound-inst. Spectral Territories Pt2 in Arthouse, Dublin. 2001: Visual and Sounding Arts Festival, Ulestraaten, Holland, collab. with U. Lemmens The Eavesdrop of the Neighbors & solo_Spectral Territories Pt1.
2001: collab. with Paul Murnaghan, Requiem for the Fly, Poisonhats, Project Arts Center.
2000: project Nemo, Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium.
2000, Tactilum, festival Observatori, Valencia, Spain.
2000, Meadow, festival The Sound of Image/The Image of Sound, Eijsden, Holland.
1998, Calliphonies (Reasonances & Skeletunes), festival Winter Sound Landscapes / Machomet II., Holland.
1995, Installation I.-II., collab. with Tony Di Napoli (Centre d'Art contemporain, Flemalle & TAZ, Liege, Belgium).
2009, 6th Dec: Sound Objects, Cologne, Germany
2009: festival Sonikas, Madrid - Spain.
2006: Soundings, Diffusion 2006 in assoc. with RTE Lyric FM, Daghdha Space, Limerick.
2006: Acroma, Auckland, New Zealand. 2005: Soundworks, Cork, Ireland.
2003: Lampo, Chicago, USA. 2002: Arsonica Festival, Seville, Spain. 2002: MuTual, performance in collab. with Fergus Byrne (live drawing) in Storehouse, Dublin. 2002: ERS festival, Amsterdam, Holland. 2001: festival Musique Tracées de Savoie, Annecy, France. Collaboration with Eric La Casa, sound-cartography of foundry of bells Paccard in Sevrier-Lac-d'Annecy. 2001: Project Arts Center, Dublin. 2000: International Festival of Sound Art "Humor y Aliento" in Mexico-City, Mexico. 1999: festival 38eme Rugissants, Grenoble, France. European Tour 1999 (Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium). 1998, Zoom-Spectives, 8-channel piece in collab. with Benoit De Clerck, performed 1998/2001 in Belgium, Germany (Hamburg, Frankfurt), Denmark, France and 2005, Observatori Festival, Valencia, Spain. 1995,Tri-Ality, 8-channel piece performed in Canada, Belgium, Holland.
Various activities: 2009 Nov, 2008 Dec, 2007 Nov: Mamori Sound Project, Amazonas in Brazil (as assistant of director Francisco Lopez)
April 2009: contributing with graphical scores to the book Notations, a 21st c. anthology of innovative notations compiled by Theresa Sauer, Musicologist (American Musicological Society) Book launch in exhibition in in New York, USA _ with participation of Kwi (slide-installation of 130 graphical scores)
2008 June: Shorelines, research phase of the project in New Foundland, Canada.
Aug. 2007 Playback Theatre Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sound_expedition in Amazon,
remote reserve Xixuau-Xiparina

Site To Sound (Meath County Council _ Ireland, 2009, limited edition CD)
AMT: Inton_tions (Lenghedivacje/Hybrida Space - Italy, 2009, double-CD)
AMT: Signals Pt1-5 (Psyclone - Ireland, 2009, dolby surround 5.1 audio-DVD)
AMT: Calliphon Draft (Impulsy Stetoskopu - Poland, 2008, limited edition CD)
AMT: Singtra (Waystyx - Russia, 2008 CD)
AMT: Expanzin (Aphasia Recordings - Ireland, 2006 CDr)
AMT: Evaporation (cpsip - New Zealand, 2003 CDr)
AMT / Antenna Farm / Gabriel Amato (Ooze Bap Records - Spain, 2002 split CD)
AMT & Eric La Casa: Fonderie Paccard (Collectif & Cie - France, 2001 CD)
AMT / MSBR: Ensyrony (MSBR Records - Japan, 2001 Ltd.100 split CDr)
AMT & Brume: 1st Encounter (Alien8 Records - Canada, 2001 CD)
AMT Vol.13: Erozion (ERS Records - Holland, 2000 LP)
AMT & PBK: Transphere 1997 - 1999 (Erewhon - Belgium, 2000 CD)
AMT Vol.72: Tashkara (Xerxes - Japan, 1999 Ltd.72 CDr)
AMT Vol. 9: Distori [Noah] (Sonoris - France, 1999 CD)
AMT Vol. 7: Ritmax Asimetra (Creamgardens, JdK - Holland, 1999 CD)
AMT Vol. 5: Th Ality Absfract (Audioview - Belgium, 1996 CD) AMT / Out of Machine: Floating somewhere (Toss - Belgium, 1994 split CD)
Contributed to compilations on labels:
Intransitive, Bremsstrahlung Recordings, RRRecords: USA. 
Selektion, Klang: Germany. 
Diskono, NewToy: UK. 
Meeuw Muzak, ERS, Korm Plastics, Bake Records: Holland. 
Erewhon: Belgium. 
Lunhare: Italy. 
Alien8: Canada. 
Xerxes, Effe: Japan. 
Subterfuge Records, Ooze Bap: Spain. 
Soundshapes, Goppa, Spitroast, Aphasia, Farpoint Recordings: Ireland. 
List of other works and projects of AMT
planktone unlimited editions and psyclone recordings:
(some available on CDr exclusively from Slavek Kwi)

AMT: Threshold_Delphis [2010] - miniCD
AMT: Organfish [2010]
AMT: Akvatikinsekt [2010]
Surroundings [2009]
AMT: Drawing The Air [2007]
AMT: As It Is_Xixuau Xiparina [2007]
Soun_Din Live in Lazybird, Dublin [2006]
AMT presents: Music of children from Gawa [2006]
AMT presents: Interpretations I. [2003-2005]
AMT presents: Sound_Creatures [2005]
AMT: paraExpanzin [2005]
AMT: Rattlesnake [2004]
Soun_Din Live in RHA, Dublin [2003-2004]
Soun_Din: Broken CD [2003-2004]
AMT: Develoop [2003-2004]
AMT: Psyite I. [2005]
AMT: Paradox of Paradox [2004]
AMT: Interception I. [2004]
AMT: Sonoturn [2003 - 2004]
AMT: Psychetals Pt.1 [2003]
AMT: Psychetals Pt.2 [2003]
AMT: Transitions [2003]
AMT: Installations II. [2002 - 2004]
AMT: cyclOcean [2002]
AMT: Spectral Territories Pt.1 [2001]
AMT: Spectral Territories Pt.2 [2001]
AMT Vol.14: Wacteo [2000]
AMT: Where the language might be born [2000]
AMT: Tactilum / Meadow [2000]
AMT Vol.11: Inheritance of H [1999]
AMT Vol.12: Orgenviron Throbsine [1999]
AMT: Zoomspectives [1998]
AMT: Evaporation [1998]
AMT: Calliphonies (Reasonances + Skeletunes) [1998]
AMT: On the brink of dusk [1993 - 2004]
AMT Vol. 8: Fosilpa [1996-1997]
AMT: Eclats sur la surface du temps [1995-1997]
AMT Vol. 6: TriAlity [1994-1995]
AMT: Anomalee [1990-1998]
AMT: Freephonies I. [1993-1996]
AMT: Calliphon Draft [1991-1994]
AMT Vol. 4: Folxonx (Turning Around Now) [1994]
AMT Vol. 3: Vibramash [1993]
AMT Vol. 2: Parallel CoExistences [1989-1992]
Workshops experience:
2010 (ongoing from July 2002): 
sound-workshops in Tuiscint Centre in Dublin with Asperges Syndrome young adults.
From Sept 2008 until Oct 2009: community-radio project as part of "Artist in the community scheme" supported by CREATE, The Arts Council and EVE.

2010 (ongoing from Feb 2002):
sound-workshops in Temple Street Children's Hospital, Mater Hospital and St.Declan's School with autistic and asperges syndrome children. Outreach project of The National Concert Hall, Dublin.

2010 (ongoing from Oct 2001):
sound-workshops in St.Brendan's Psychiatric Hospital, Dublin.

2009, 16 - 17th Oct: Surroundings, conclusion of project performed in The National Concert Hall, Kevin Barry Room, Dublin. Simultaneous release of CD. Sept. 2008 - Oct 2009: Surroundings: a project in St.Declan's special needs school,
creating permanent 5.1 dolby surround installation with children. Supported by The National
Concert Hall and St. Declan's school.

2009, 29th Oct:Tuiscint FM (Bridge between 2 worlds), conclusion of project with CD-launch and radio-broadcast live performance of students. 2009, June: Radio Tallaght 99.1FM interview between Tony Fegan, John Faassen and S.Kwi with works by students of Tuiscint Centre as part of"Artist in the community scheme" supported by CREATE, The Arts Council and EVE. Project ongoing from Oct. 2008.

2009, 27th April launch of CD - Site To Sound project in Solstice Arts Centre in Navan, commissioned by Meath County Council Arts Office. Installation placed for a month in atrium of Solstice and St.Joseph's School. Conclusion of project.

Sept. 2008 - May 2009: Site to Sound: community project in collaboration with
writer Helen Blackhurst combining elderly group from Nobber and teenage-group from
St.Joseph's School in Navan. Funded by Meath County Council Arts Office.

2005 / 2009: lectures or/and workshops in 
1) University of Dublin, Trinity College, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, School of Occupational Therapy
2) Colaiste Dhulaigh & College of Further Education, Technology Dept.
3) University of Limerick, Dept. of CSIS Academic

March 2006: The Sanctuary, "Through The looking Glass: Living Creatively" workshop 
2006, sound_expedition and workshops with aboriginal children on Elcho Island in Northern Australia, Arnhemland.
2004, workshops with Tus Craft Group, Galway.
2003, sound workshops with artists within Mus-e Project, Brussels, Belgium. Organised by International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation.
2002-2003, workshops with Woodturners, resulting in exhibition in Kilkenny Craft Gallery, Craft Council of Ireland.
2002, sound-workshops within exhibition Soundshapes in Draiocht Arts Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin and in Limerick City Art Gallery with children.
2001: lectures on digital sound-editing in Arthouse, Dublin.
2000 + 2001: RU Project, sound-workshops in Maastricht, Holland.
2000, sound-workshops Haunted Garden for children in collaboration with Helen Blackhurst (writer and drama facilitator), Eijsden, Holland.
2000, participant in the International Seminary of MUS-E in Altea (Spain). Showed sound-installation "Tactilum" realised for autistic & children with learning disabilities and hearing loss.
2000, invited contribute to International Workshop on Cultural Education (Melina Project) in Athens (Greece) as artist of MUS-E.
1999 - 2000, sound-workshops with autistic children & those with learning disabilities in La Chanterelle School and Bethleem, Brussels -International Foundation of Yehudi Menuhin (IYMF), project MUS-E, Belgium.
1991-93, in primary schools with Jeugde Muziek Brussels and in Jeugdehuis De Schaakel with pre-school children, Belgium.
1991-92, workshops with learning disability groups in Creahm (Liege) and TASK (St.Vith), Belgium.

References as required