Only one chance to know        
rrreally] is: 
other part of ReAlity will stay,
for ever 
)sub( jective, 
... ocean in (E)- mOtion, 
floatIng seNsa-tions ... and 
reflect-ions iN RIverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 0f metamorphose(s], 
very momentary percepTs which we communicate t. each-o-ther, 
to enlarge 0ur living space.
I Am obsessed by free\dom[E).
... fo.r mmmental survival, ...
th music, as "free'ssssssssssssssssssssssspaCe, 
losing notion off 
I'mposed tic'tac-time' roll' 'n" run' , 
... re l e a s i n g
turning]A-round[now ) 
is ssssudden]ly in-fin-ity of yo]univers, 
( *around is )
= enough spaCE > > 
for Every + body 
who would bring hi(s)s/he(a)r heart....
with|out any] Idea-deus in]im>posing        
ANYrules of ANYsystem(s ...

[early 90_ies, liege_belgium / extract]