sounds of un_identified subaquatic creatures (insects, crustaceans,fish etc) 
  and moving vegetation recorded in mamori, amazonas, brazil_nov.2009 by slavek kwi. 

  tonal and electronic-like sounds omnipresent in this selection seem to be triggered 
  by the bio-electric field of electric fish; signals were detected underneath floating 
  grass ("capi"), seldomly in open water. 
  recorded as it is_no other transformation and no added sounds;        
  however, the question is: is the sound interesting in itself or 
  because the sound is generated by electric fish? or both? 

   equipment: hydrophone crt c55 & sound devices 722 

   recorded during mamori sound project_residency        
   organized by mamori artlab 

   slavek kwi acknowledges the generous support of the arts council 
   in making this project possible