Memory Trace Vol. 11: 
Inheritance of H       
HydroGenetic Expansion. 
GeneRational Re-tuner. 
Composed by Slavek Kwi, January - May 1999 in Liege - Belgium.         

Instrumental SoundBasix Introduced and re-processed:
Michael Northam (shruti box), 
Jirka Mazanek (tanpura), 
Vlastislav Matousek (tabla), 
fragment from imP-raga of Jaro (sounds) & Miro (sitar)

SonoBiotops Introduced:
north-eastern Czechie 1994 + 1998 (windy weather, kids playing kriket), Yderup, Denmark 1998 (winter), 
Jura, Switzerland 1994 (before storm), Sart Tilman 1999 (H2O-canal in forest), Belgium 1995 - 97 (various)
duration 73:58, "digitally frozen contemplation" about HydroGenetic Expansion & Frictions, 
analogies with theory Morphic Resonances of Rupert Sheldrake, Indian concept of "Sa", system of Tampura          
& Raga in relation with Natural sound-Environ Ment(all). 
H = hydrogen