1 > 10. cyclOcean 
     sound bank:
          11. amt 
          12. illusion of safety 
          13. john duncan 
          14. scanner 
          15. erik m 
          16. akira rabelais 
          17. daniel menche 
          18. asmus tietchens        
          19. s.e.t.i 
          20. brandon labelle 
          21. main 
          22. merzbow
sound-cultivation, frequency micro-architecture and composition by slavek kwi, 
re-re-recycling exclusively from collective sound-bank (tracks 11-22)
realised in july 2002, dublin, ireland. 

thanksss to all twelvo-participants for letting me explore their 1min sound-worlds.
verrry special thanks to paul mcgrath for miraculous recovering of sound-files from 
my exploded computer, without him cyclOcean would not exist.

 DNA (basic sound material of AMT) 1min


12omatic project was initiated by Volvox Records from France in 2002 as collaboration 
of 12 international sound_artits/composers based on sound_processing the same sound_data_basics
from 12 min of common sound_bank.  Unfortunately project was never realized. 
However, available from PLANKTONE 

[If any of 12_participants would like to obtain free_copy, please, let me know.]