"Wow... this one's pretty cool. 
   Self-described 'sound paintings' based loosely 
   around the idea of evaporation in all its many forms. 
   The collaged sonic-ephemera contained herein engages 
   the heart as well as the cerebral cortex, and operates on        
   a much more deeply satisfying level than the 'moment-to-moment' 
   feel of so much new electronic music. 
   Crystalline field recordings betray opaque walls 
   of digitally processed shimmer & glow, causing gentle wrinkles 
   and warps in your perception of these deliciously peripheral sounds. 
   Captivating everything/nothingness." 

  - label press release (C/psi/P, New Zealand)        

CDr - instrumentally concrete version 
released by cpsip, new zealand, 2004
EVAPORATION [original]
  see planktone version 
  for details: