" cave_paint---simulator" 
stalactite cavern 
han s/lesse, belgium
recording with pierre berthet 
[photo: tony di napoli]
Artificial Memory Trace Vol.8: 
Radio Reports I.-II. 
1. Morfas 24:03 (22.7.-21.8.1996)
---  -    -digitally frozen contemplation )))
A lot of thanks to all friends and everybody, who appeared in this composition: 
Frederic Rzewski (voice, fragment from piano-piece "Bumper", 1990), Stephen Hawking (voice), T.G.Masaryk (voice, 1939 _ rec. from rare 7"vinyl), 
Zdenka's Grand-Mother singing, playing accordion & violin, her Grand-Children (1994), Ralf Schroeter (fragments from his guitar-songs),          
Claire Blach (voice), Mathias Janssens (synth.fragment), Computer Voice Simulator, Tony Di Napoli (voice), Marion Delforge (voice, breath), 
Duodena Cantitans (voices), Bobbejaan Schoepen (fragment from song "De Lichtjes Van De Schelde"), Ward Weis (sounds of bridges in Flanders), 
Benoit De Clerck (sounds of bridges in Havana, Cuba), fragments from improvisations with Af Ursin and Frogx, ... 
... and all Elements of th-ReAlity temporarily conserved here ...
2. Fosilpa 47:57 (23.6.-5.9.1997)
--- -   -Subjective documentary from Inside and Around of stalactite caverns Han Sur Lesse from years 1993-1997)))
Pierre Berthet: tubular water-drums installed under dripping stalactites and distributed in space 
(amplification of water-activity and of resonant character of space), drumming on stalactites, wood-block, steps. 
Tubuls are present in various situations and transformations almost in all parts of composition. (1996-1997)

Ward Weis: recordings, stones, steps (1997)

Guy Bosendorf: assistance to all recordings, patient guidance through darkness of caverns, voice and whistling, steps 
and lead-vocals of his loved chickens. (1993-1997)

Robert Bosendorf: tel-dialogue with his father imitating monkey. (1993)

Tony Di Napoli: drumming on stalactites. (1996)

Slavek Kwi: recordings (1993-1996), whirling ppball, reed from bombard, concept and composition.

95% of Sounds, heard in composition, were created from basic-recordings realized 
Inside & Outside in close environment of caverns Han s/Lesse,          
and 5% from situations connected with this project from irrational reasons:
a) Incredibly long natural reverberation from TV-transmitter-tower St.Pietersleeuw (1997): 
distant duo of Slovakian flute (W) & reed from bombard (K), solo-flute (K), gongs and water-drops falling in metal bowl from 75m high.          
Played & recorded by Ward Weis (W) & SKwi (K).
b) Processed fragments from piano-improvisation with rain drumming on window, played & recorded at evening after first visit of caverns in 1993 (K).
c) ... and a lot of thanks to all (in)voluntarily participants in Fosilpa: Brume (elekrikal sound re-processed), Baudouin De Jaer (talking about his music), 
Tibetan Buddhists (singing mantras), David Bowman (voice), small Louis Evrard (screaming while playing with stones, 1994 in Switzerland), 
Brigida Romano (fragment from SKwi composed piano-piece).
3. Michron 1:00 (22.8.1996)
----  -   -Model of Unstable Microcellule of Time)))
Realized for 10" vinyl-compilation "Vague Geluiden (in Stereo)" of Meeuw Muzak, Holland.

All Sound-Situations were composed and designed by Slavek Kwi in Studio C&C, 1996-1997, Antwerp - Belgium. 
Produced by Radio 3 (VRTN) Brussels, with help of Bart Stouten.
Verrry special thanks to: 
Zdenda ..., Guy Bosendorf & his friendly family, Ward Weis (& his Canary) for friendship and patient support of AMT projects ..., 
and all friends ... of course  !!   !
Special thanks to:
Direction of caverns Han s/Lesse - Mr.Vankeerberghen, 
Radio 3 VRTN - Bart Stouten, Lowlands - Tom De Weerdt 
for support and making this project possible.
This CD is Collection of 3 independent projects, recommended listen separately          
with volume-adjustment proper to each composition, designed to listen relatively loud 
- no limiters or compressions employed - attempt at conservation of high dynamic range 
with natural character and definition of spaces.