+ meadow
CD contains:

track 1: meadow  13:39
track 2 - 3: tactilum pt1 26:17 + pt2 25:14 
Tactilum has been conceived as aural and physical sound stimulus destined for children with hearing lose combined with autism 
and learning disabilities. installation  was developed in pilot-project Mus-e (Yehudi Menuhin Foundation) and placed in school 
la chanterelle in brussels. composed, designed and recorded by Slavek Kwi, April - May 2000.
Recorded direct-to-mic from installation unit.

The composition is divided in two sections:
section 1: a fragmented catalogue of sounds creates a multi-dimensional relationship attempting to build concentration
section 2: an extended soundscape containing similar constructions within environmental stream of sounds stimulating associations
with previous sections, developing rather a calming flow - monotonous pulsation which encompasses a variety of textures and colours
as whole section unfolds, creating a meditative atmosphere, suspending notion of time.
Technical notes: 

(a) RIGHT channel contains only HIGH frequencies, 
leading to the group of tweeters hanging over head of audience 
(attached as opposed parabola - as umbrella,
or just distributed in space)

(b) LEFT channel contains only LOW frequencies, 
leading to the subwoofer attached against wooden 
(or polystyrene) surface on the floor.