sound-picture in octophonie, 8-channel composition
(this CD-version is stereo-reduction only)

zoom in / out  
01. Introna
02. DishOrdinario
03. Oknota
04. Droma
05. Tek'ef
06. Trhan & Kanalis
07. Breptek
08. Worx
09. Bea Vrt (I.)
10. Moucha
11. Simphone (Vrt II.)
12. Pleskota
13. Pra-Ice
14. Sintra (Expiration)
15. Alarmanach
Graphical Score

Realized in Studios of CRFMW, Liege and C&C, Antwerpen by Slavek Kwi in periode January - May 1998. 
Field-recordings in & around Soundstation (railway-station Jonfosse, Liege, Belgium)  
- sound cartography realized by Benoit De Clerck & Kwi, 
all other sono-biotops recorded & processes created by Kwi.
Fragments of voices (with thanks and respect) employed in soundscape: 
Jay Di Kay, Ward Weis, John Cage, ZZ, Elise Petit, Mimo Berthet in dialogue with Lake-Frogs (Rana ridibunda), 
Midwife-Toads (Alytes obstetricans), insects, various birds & brainstorm in the bea-hive.
Zoomspectives was realized (with many thanks) in production of:
Centre de Recherches et de Formations Musicales de Wallonie, Liege (with support of Communaute Francaise of Belgium).
Soundstation (Fabrice Lamproye), Liege.
ASBL "2 temps 3 mouvements" (Quentin Jacques), Brussels.
C&C Studio (Ward Weis), Antwerp.
About ZoomSpectives:
Sound-pictures painted with colors of ambiances on canvas of time...
Subjective report from certain process, sound cartography of railway-station Jonfosse with documentary and poetic character, 
digitally frozen contemplation about urban and natural environment, human being "in it" and human role in modification of sound-surroundings, 
about mental processes  of interpretation, chainings of (un)voluntary associations - impuls, meeting with th first Idea ... 
provocation of creation, about psychical and physical impacts of sounds on our behavior, ... 
reaction, interaction, action, situaction. Could be Th ReAlity itself, whatever "it is", conceived as musical instrument ? 
Zoom-Spectives have been premiered 
in event "Stations en tous sens", Soundstation - May 1998, Liege.   
Other performances:
Nov. 1998 in DR Radio, Copenhagen in Denmark. 
25.09. 1999 in cinema Metropolis, Hamburg (together with Klangkrieg) in Germany. 
13.11. 1999 in "Festival de musiques electroacoustiques", Musee d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain de la Ville de Liege, Belgium. 
03.12. 1999 in festival "38eme Rugissants" in Le 102, Grenoble in France. 
30.03. 2001 in festival "Pol 5", Frankfurt in Germany.
March 2006 in Limerick, Ireland.

Technical requirements:

Adat Digital 8-track recorder
coherent mixing desc
8 good quality speakers 330-500 W
[the best is Meyer UPA-Boxen including controller and amplification or Mackie Design, 8 large stands to enable th setup of th speakers]
2 subwoofers (coherent power)
[the best is Meyer USW Subwoofer incl. controller and amps.]
1x mixing desk 16/8/2, 2 AUX sends
It is IMPORTANT that every speaker is th same and has its separate controller and amplifier! (8 times mono access)
Technical assistance needed.
Installation and soundcheck needed whole day (without audience).
set-up [drawing]
Note: whole piece is performed in complete darkness, audience is sitting in comfortable way (chairs), 
the best space is cinema, exposition hall (not too reverberant)
All technology, except speakers, should be hidden.
(additional notes from process of creation, April 1998): 
zoom - spectives
(zoom  -  re  -  retro  -  perspectives,  zoom in  -  cut  -  zoom  out) 
I could talk about intentions, ... approaches, ... ... ... dreams, 
... what I would like to make, why ...
In this moment, when you read these lines, 
... we are working on "it", 
recording ambiences in spaces, resonances of passing trains 
taking our thoughts into personal worlds of imaginary voyages, ... 
T r a i n . 
T  r  a  v  e  l  .          
You can imagine whatever you want.
Whatever is however connected with your verrry personal ex-perience, history, dreams ...  
Where to go? Where I would like to go?
Soundstation is point of departure. 
Link in between stations, which from some irrational reason attracted my attention ...
Why we are attracted by only certain situations, ... certain sounds?
What is going on our mind, what do we expect from "it"?
Changes in our way of thinking? 
Changes in perception, to look at this world from different angle? 
Hope to find yourrr own "individual" place? 
... respected for "what it is, as it is, as I am - who am I?, why ", 
... fragile and human fear to lose ground under feet. 
Our way through the life, in this reality, ... whatever it is, around us. 
Are there some answers in fact?
Music could become a proposal ... 
a manner of thinking - in certain way, in particular moment ...
situation, where anything can happen, whatever is allowed - free space,
where I could find my place, ... and breath ... simply breath ...
no restrictions - how I should behave, think, feel ...
what is expected - imposed from outside ...
Can music change my mind?
Life is improving, in perpetuality, its movement ...
impossible capture "it" by any expectation,
there is no fixed image - all is floating, sensations ...
impressions ... in the river of metamorphoses,
impossible to separate and difficult to accept,
"as it is" - "how it is" - "why it is"
... any momentary state, never definitive, never determinated,
hystery of history, the reality ...
I would wish to cross the life, just passing through as voyager in time,          
while listening to heartbeat rebounding in every grain of dust, 
unfolding in tongues of sea-waves suddenly close to me, when is high-tide now, 
howling at the moon in croaky squeeks of hidden frogs, 
again and again, 
asking The Creator for a little bit of attention, 
... to tell, "what is going on"?
Finally, is it really important, what is "music" and what is  not?
There are only fragments paralel perceptions, individual co-realities, myriads of universes 
... all together creating the most complete image,
one sound - reflecting The Creation - phenomena of life in its incredible diversity, 
fading in and out, 
in the front of our senses.
Sound_stations in an abstract space 
of concrete reality of our ordinary days ...