pt1:.:signals 22:39
      (Signals From The Outer Zone Of Human Perception - Movement 1, composed Feb. 2008)
      pt2:.:morpheme 15:15
       (Movement 2, composed Feb. 2008)
       pt3:.:subama_zone-pool 53:19
       (Subaquatic Study, composed March 2008)
       pt4:.:din.dim 57:04
       (Audiodust: rain, under|water songs of fish, insects and crustaceans; termites, constructed May 2009)
       :::interlude: rainvocation 3:10
       (Chorus of frogs, power generator and rain, recorded Jan. 2009, Xixuau Xiparina)
       pt5:.:frogporn 2h42:22
       (Amphibian nocturnal megasymphony, Mamori, Amazonas, Brazil - Scene 1-8, constructed May 2009)
       :::epilogue: howlerogue 11:40
       (dialogue of howler monkeys recorded Jan. 2009, Xixuau Xiparina, Amazonas, Brazil)
       Composed and Recorded by Slavek Kwi
       Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland
       total duration 5h25:29