Ideas about ideas.         
I got some ideas about ideas. 
I feel trapped. 
It is like vicious circle. 
Feels strange to get this idea. 
I  don't want have - in fact - any idea. 
Unfortunately, that's idea too.          
I would like to abandon concept of idea. 
Another idea. 
How to describe my idea without chaining of consequent ideas? 
I'll try. 
I'll try to accept for this particular matter that if I would like to express myself, I need to use ideas. 
Ideas as tools of expression. 
So, excuse me for this time to expose you all these ideas. 
Today, I realized that I don't have - in fact - any idea.
Having ideas seems suddenly completely useless. 
I would like to renounce ownership of any idea passing through my head.          
It only complicates matters. 
When I get some idea, I am in danger wanting to own this idea. 
This obsession creates obstacle in stream of my consciousness. 
Suddenly, I am concerned with this idea and the present escapes to my attention. 
It feels like shifting into parallel reality - sort of isolation. 
The creative process takes place in order to apply those ideas to form different reality. 
The ideas make me to oscillate in various speeds between communication and isolation. 
The static phase seems co-existentional reality. 
The state without ideas or - differently and simultaneously - with uninterrupted stream of ever-changing ideas.          
The origin of ideas is in such state irrelevant, it loses its importance.          
Perpetually changing creative process seems to be characteristic for the evolution. 
The concept of communication and isolation - by its confrontational nature - suggests automatically awareness of self. 
Potential of communication 
- and consequently also interpretation - 
within employed tools of communication (as language etc.) multiplies automatically variations. 
Consequently the interconnectedness is blurred. 
Desire for being free independent individual creates distraction from nature of originality. 
Consequence is mirroring in the illusion. 
I am creating ideas about myself. 
And suddenly the question comes: Who am I? 
What I wanted say in fact? 
Do I have something to communicate?
Another question …

W h a t  i s  p u r p o s e  o f  o r i g i n a l i t y  ?