SELFLOW (CD compilation by Ooze Bap)

Let's hope this will be not a new hype: release a CD with no cover and          
tell the buyer to download the cover from a website... well, cover...          
it's just the tracklist. The Spanish label Ooze Bap offers three artists          
on this compilation, two of them are well-known (of course to some degree)          
and one is lesser known. The first one, Artificial Memory Trace, consumes          
almost half of the CD with two lengthy pieces. Blending together environmental          
sounds (wind, ducks and others more difficult to recognize) with little          
bits of electronic sounds he crafts together an excellent piece of musique          
concrete and soundscaping. To me it seems like Artificial Memory Trace          
puts less sounds in his pieces then before but that these sounds work          
from within more then they used to do. More tension. The next band is          
Antenna Farm, the known operators of laptop from London. They have around          
seventeen minutes for four tracks, two lengthy and two short. Antenna          
Farm have a more electronic style. Whatever they have put into their laptops,          
it comes out distorted, time stretched and heavily processed. Collage          
music is their style too, but in a much more harsher way. Hit and run          
style. Gabriel Amato is the unknown one around here, at least for me.          
Someway he is involved in the Diskono posse. Sad to say that I found his         
 tracks also least interesting. Laptopian noise, but without anything of          
his own. Short but rather ideas then worked out into anything. With the          
beauty of Artificial Memory Trace and the power of Antenna Farm, it's          
(Vital Weekly, FdW)