Artificial Memory Trace/Brume:
1st Encounter

Catalogue Number: ALIENCD26
Released March 6, 2001

An electroacoustic masterpiece which unites the talents of France's Christian Renou [Brume] and Belgium's Slavek Kwi [AMT]. Each artist has constructed and deconstructed the other's original material, and through this process they have created beautiful fluid collaborations.

These two sound artists fit perfectly together and truly demonstrate a clear understanding and appreciation of each other's ideas.

1st Encounter was completed in 1996 and is part of an ongoing series of releases by Artificial Memory Trace. The sound on this particular installment is as one would expect given the backgrounds of the two artists: a mixture of electro-acoustic and concrète sounds. The two artists are forced to create their music using the other's music as the principle source material, and it really changes both of their sounds quite a bit. Often people think of collaborations in the same sense as split records, but this is not a split release. There is really is a good sense of the interplay between AMT and Brume.

It is difficult to classify the works of these two gifted composers, because their work is clearly void of the academic rigidness that defines much of the electro-acoustic scene. There also seems to be a greater flexability in terms of sounds being employed and more freedom to really let loose in terms of intensity.

Brume has released solo efforts for the likes of Korm Plastics, Crowd Control Activities, Relapse/Release, ND, Old Europa Café and others, and has been included on far too many compilations to mention. In the time it has taken to prepare this recording for release, Christian Renou aka Brume has stopped recording under the name of Brume and now releases work that focuses more in the direction of techno, under his own name.

Artificial Memory Trace has recorded and released works for Lowlands, Sonoris, Selektion, RRR, Staalplaat and Xerxes.

1st Encounter is packaged exquisitely in a digi-pack with full colour artwork and is a limited edition and will not be repressed.

(Alien8 - Canada)


François Couture, All Music Guide

This album was completed in 1996 but saw the light of day only in 2001, which makes it an oddly timed release. First, this collaborative effort between France's Brume and Belgium's Artificial Memory Trace came out at a time when Christian Renou had stopped recording sound art projects under the name Brume to turn to techno music. Moreover, while it was supposed to be the first of a series of similar projects led by Slavek Kwi (the man hiding behind AMT), it was released after subsequent installments (namely the dark Transphere 1996-1999, with PBK) were made available. The concept of this album is simple but brilliant: Each sound artist creates a cycle of works using basic tracks supplied by the other. Therefore, 1st Encounter is not a split CD: the distinctive colors of both sound painters get blurred into the process, and stylistic differences between Renou's "Faction" series and Kwi's "Telegram" series are limited. The resulting music shares affinities with musique concrete, live electronics, and sound art. It remains, at all times, more lively (or delinquent?) than most electro-acoustic music created within institutionalized walls. And as far as AMT's string of collaborative releases go, 1st Encounter appears more focused and the contributions from both artists more homogeneous. This limited-edition CD is packaged in a digipack with beautiful artwork by Kwi. It stands as a very good example of the European sound art scene.