Artificial Memory Trace: 
e x p a n z i n (up_date aug. 2005)
free wav. download EXPANZIN is an concreabstract "newsletter' of AMT/SKwi. However, the purpose isn't translation or description of events, but rather an attempt for creation of timelike_meta_reality coalescing within streams of unconscious in reflecting within the re_ality as unspeakable phenomena.
various labels
01] Found_Sound_Chain:
     a) stationary locomotive, B 
     b) water_filter in aquarium, CZ 
     c) inside bee hive, CZ 
     d) bubbles in aquarium, CZ 
     e) siphon, B 
02] end of 01. 
+ 02] EXPANZIN_cycles
= The River Of Metamorphoses (until 25) 
Parallel Coexistences / in mixes [= in_ ]: 
03] Secret Society Music "Strokes" 2003 
     04] end of in_03. 
05] Aiofe McGovern "Drawing" 2004 
06] Psychetals Pt1 / mix 3 
     07] end of in_05. 
     08] end of in_06. 
09] Paul Roe: Solo Clarinet 1. 2001 
     10] end of in_09. 
11] Paul Roe: Solo Clarinet 2. 2001 
     12] end of in_11. 
13] Dale Lloyd "din.terpreta" 2003          
     14] end of in_13. 
15] NMF "Creative Misunderstanding" 2004 
     16] end of in_15. 
17] Jean-Luc Guionnet "Description" (with Sacha's voice) 2003 
     18] end of in_17. 
19] Found_Sound_Chain / REPEAT 
20] Zbigniew Karkowski "......3.....0,11" 2003 
     21] end of in_20. 
     22] end of 19. + David McCarthy "The Return" 2003 
     23] end of in_22.          
24] Maison-Medicale "Au pied de la montagne" 2004 
     25] end of in_24. and 02. 
     26] S_Kwi audio_signature






  All following information isn't relevant, however it expresses 
  my thanksss, respectss and credits for every appearance          
  to all voluntarily and/or involuntarily participants, human or any other          
  sentient_being: Love tooo yooou ALL!
  Expansive river of metamorphoses is generated from initial chain 
  of FOUND_SOUND RECorded 
  in Czechie and Belgium between 1994 > < 2000 
  (for other versions visit: 
  and sprinkled sporadically with fragments of conversations, 
  utterances, clusters of laughs and cries recorded with autistic 
  and other extra_ordinary people inside and outside 
  of psychiatric hospitals, special centres and out_there, 
  in reallife. 
  Trk 6, PSYCHETALS Pt1 is 3rd re_mix of psychic_fractals as 
  develop_mental patterns. Aside other sounds, also contains 
  snap_shots of voices of Magic_Granny from Helen's fairy_tales.          
  EXPANZIN incorporates within its multiple layers 
  3min_pieces from INTERPRETATIONS I. project as listed:  
  (3) Secret Society Music, (5) Aiofe McGovern, (13) Dale Lloyd, (15) NMF,          
  (17) Jean-Luc Guionnet, (20) Zbigniew Karkowski, (22) David McCarthy and          
  (24) Maison-Medicale. Thank yooou! Original tracks dealing with interpreting 
  of graphical score made by SKwi are available from
  EXPANZIN was assembled and composed August 2005 
  by Slavek Kwi in Ivy Cottage, Ireland 
  especially for Aphasia Recordings.