François Couture, All Music Guide

This volume of Slavek Kwi's Artificial Trace Memory project concentrates on pulsation and rhythm. 
All sounds used come from concrete sources (birds, animals, household objects, street sounds, etc.), 
except for a computer voice and the drum beats, which were taken from a sampler CD. 
This album contains five works, but they are subdivided into 39 tracks -
- between 16 seconds and 4 minutes -- themselves indexed, all this to help those who would like to sample the album 
(Kwi extents an explicit invitation). Stripped from their beats, these pieces would lie somewhere between electro-acoustics 
of a quasi-environmental nature and sound collage.  With these rhythmic foundations anchoring them (from drum beats 
and ethnic percussion to Ping-Pong balls), they take a completely different form, even getting very close to techno on 
"Architekton III: Ptakodisk" (but replace the usual synthesizers with bird sounds). 
Vol. 7: Ritmax Asimetra should be listened to with headphones and at high volume. Stereo distribution is cleverly used 
and an astonishing number of sound layers give these works unusual depth. There is a whole ecosystem living in this CD 
and the listener needs to be able to let himself be engulfed by it. Quite a sonic experience.          
^ graphical score (fragment from process)