FAF Showcase Evening 4
Sound and the white box

Sound art, sonic art, sound sculpture or works incorporating sound as an equal partner are requested for this showcase evening. We wish receive works of sound created by Irish based artists and have discussions around exhibiting sound both in Ireland and abroad.
A guest speaker will be Slavek Kwi.
This year's FAF showcases will be presented in four parts, culminating in a final Showcase Exhibition of selected artists who have appeared in the Showcase Evenings, throughout this year. This Showcase is scheduled to take place at The Lab, Foley Street, on Wednesday March 12th 7pm.

FAF artists group 49b Dorset Lane Dublin 1.
For more information about the next Showcase Evening visit: http://www.fafartists.com/showcase4.html
If you have any questions or need advice in order to complete your application please e-mail us: okeeffe.linda@gmail.com or info@fafartists.com