The end of may 2007 Ward Weis wrote:         
dear slavek,
some bad news ram the ars acustica world.
Our dear friend and appreciated colleague from the Danish Radio, Mr. Peter Kristiansen, died yesterday due to a gallopping lung cancer. 
His deparment at DR is also being closed down soon due to heavy cut-downs within the Danish Radio. Peter Kristiansen was always curious 
and constantly seeking new ways of producing radio. For many years, he was responsable for "Lydmuren" at the Danish Radio, a vital and          
important laboratory and production-platform for especially young musicians, poets and writers who wanted to produce experimental radio 
which ranged from both experimental documentaries to ars acustica. Peter Kristiansen was always an attentive listener and sensitive person 
with a soft-speaking voice and a great sense of humour. He will be missed by the whole ars acustica society and of course by us in the EBU 
Ars Acustica who had the privilege to know him well during our specialized meetings and our common projects.