attracted by light
  quadrophonic sound-situation dedicated to vlastislav matousek and his shakuhachi
   constructed from sounds of crustaceans, fishsongs rec. underwater in tasmania (2011), 
   army ants attacking recording device and walking inside machine, termites and ants recorded          
   with contact-microphone from inside tree-nests (2008-2009, xixuau xiparina  and mamori, 
   amazonas, brazil - ants inside nest rec. with francisco lopez___thankssssss!), inside beehive 
   (rec. with Vlastislav Matousek, Czechie - Novy Bydzov, 1994) and more ...
   live performance intervention by slavek kwi: pre-recorded 4-channel sound-environment,
   stroboscopic lights using as sound-sources with electromagnetic detectors, bubbling          
   machine and objects manipulated underwater picked-up by hydrophone, 
   musical sound-flags and talking drum