Let me give you some details regarding the project .

I work as an artist / creative producer the radio radio documentary is called Navigating the Commons and it is in partnership with Create.

Summary of the project:

Navigating the Commons tells the story of the beauty and importance of Ireland's two navigation routes: Lower Bann / Lough Neagh and The Shannon Navigation. It is an audio journey that examines the history and ecology of these two routes, while also exploring their importance for biodiversity. In telling these stories I aim to bring to the listeners an enhanced understanding of biodiversity as a resource and asset and explore the intimate connection between biodiversity and cultural diversity, in particular through examining the relationship between ecological sustainability and social justice. The format of the documentary is an audio journey through the waterways with a panel discussion on the boat which will examine the connections between biodiversity and cultural diversity and the relationship between ecological sustainability and social justice . There are two trips planned; the first will be held on the 9th or 10th of September 08 and will be on the Maid of Antrim traveling from Antrim to Rams Island . The second trip will be from Porttumna to Athlone along the Shannon and will be held on the week of the 15th September .. ( exact date to be confirmed)

torpedo platform with nesting terns terns torpedo platform with nesting terns

I have attached an overview of the project to give you a clearer idea of what the project is about .

The main part of the documentary will be recorded on the boat journeys . I do however have to pick up some additional wild life sounds . I have two additional trips planned for Lough Neagh and I may have to do something similar for The Shannon trip.

July 22nd

- A trip to the Torpedo Platform at Antrim to record the Terns
- A trip to look at and talk about the Irish Ladies Dresses Orchid
- Recording the Redshank ( are they at Toome ? )
- Recording the gadwell duck at Rams Island
- recording the Tree sparrow ( is this the best time for the tree sparrows ? )

October ( date to be confirmed / would Monday 13th October suit ? )
-A trip to Lough Beg( Toome) to record the Whooper Swans
-Recording the Wigeon at Toome Wetland

photos: skwi