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various soundworks you can listen here: (shorter works and samples) and (many free downloads, collection of AMT oddities and other projects) or also here: where you can purchase majority of releases not only as CDs(CDrs), but also as downloads (either as lossless or high defintion MP3s).


AVAILABLE: CD of AMT SYNKRONIKA (Tentacles Of Perception / Noise Below), CD ORGANFISH (and/OAR, although already sold completely there, I have still some CDs here), double CD David Michael/Slavek Kwi MMABOLELA (Gruenrekorder), ANOURAN LOVE SONGS - tripple album on usb flash card (Gruenrekorder / Tentacles Of Perception - now sold out) and CD in slim DVD case ATTRACTED BY LIGHT (Semperflorens, Russia) and more ...



New releases (CDs): Tidal by Aufabwegen Records, Germany (2013); Garig Gunak Barlu (Austral_Opus 1) by Unfathomless, Belgium (Autumn 2013) and free download Currents (Live in Australia) by Impulsive Habitat (June 2013).

Quarantaine - Lichtempfindlich!, free download

NEW TENTACLES RELEASES: Simon Whetham & Slavek Kwi - Exchanges across a dinner table (double miniCD) and Linda O'Keeffe & Slavek Kwi - Collaboration 2009-2012 (miniCD); both available from here now!


October: participating in the exhibition CERVEAU MORILLE, CAN - Neuchatel, Switzerland

:.: ::: :.: FREE DOWNLOAD WAV. versions (including graphical designs) of 34 AMT-related albums or/and collections. Includes electroacoustic/musique concrete works, "lost" tracks and compilation tracks (only older releases), various installation recordings, free-music improvisations (either solo or within various collaborations / ensembles), instrumental music compositions and more.

NEW RELEASES: CD Ultrealith by Gruenrekorder, Germany (review); black CDr Implodex Tremoranti (collaboration with visual artist Siobhan MacDonald) by Reductive, Spain ; miniCD Chitin by Taalem, France ; miniCD n.RioTau in La Riviere serie of Kaon, France ; Paradox of Paradox | Interception Attenuation Circuit-Germany 2004 (double CDr)!__amt ; Psyite + Compo_Sites by Impulsive Habitat: (double album flac-download) (review) ; Psychetals Pt1 + Pt2 by Panospria, Canada (triple album - free download)

SIMULACRUM (VERLIBA) LIVE This is not a whale! Quadro-phonic composition based on idea of whales and sounds of birds, dolphins, cows, crustaceans and water; recorded in various locations on Earth by Slavek Kwi. Performed by: Vlastislav Matousek (shakuhachi), Veru and Anezka Matouskova (voices), Helena Vovsova (viola) and Slavek Kwi (various sound-devices). Live in Prague 25th August, Shakuhachi Festival 2012. presents a mini-tour of artificial memory trace & das synthetische mischgewebe in ukraine:
31st july - kiev | 2nd august - dnepropetrovsk | 4th august - sebastopol

21 Jan and 28 July: Ama_Zone 1: BlackWater multichannel installation / event based on recordings in flooded rainforest on the canoe in Xixuau Xiparina, Brazil; performed in The National Concert Hall, JFR - Dublin; produced by "Learn & Explore". Experimental sound-situation dedicated to children with autism and their parents. www.nch.i


REVIEW of BOTO [ENCANTADO] The Field Reporter andTextura

Dec: released LP BOTO [ENCANTADO] on Ini'itu Recordings in Belgium! Trk 1 + 2 based on Boto-installation-track from black waters of Rio Negro in remote reserve Xixuau Xiparina and trk 3 created from additional recordings from white waters of Yuma, Mamori including also sounds of "tucuxi" dolphins (2011). Listen sample (and other) on

Contributed to the project of Ifar: 4 33_21.9.2011---Slavek + James Kwi listening to the KONKRETONE 2 ...

19 Nov: performing Attracted By Light (Version 2) in Centre for Creative Practices, Dublin with Vlastislav Matousek playing shakuhachi!

Oct: Mamori Sound Project: Amazonas, Brazil_soundsymposium/workshop (as assistant of Francisco Lopez). see a few images here.

Oct: Chitin - tape composition commissioned by Instants Chavirés for the festival L'Audible
Festival 2011, Paris - France.
Performed by Jerome Noetinger. In preparation for release by Taalem Records, France. Sept: review! Breaking Ice [glacial micro_fractals in the pool of strange.attractor)); soundwork realized originally as part of Alchemical Reserve project of Siobhan McDonald & Jessica Foley.
25-26 Aug: performing Attracted By Light (see additional images) within Shakuhachi Festival in Prague, Czech Republic - 
- collaboration with Vlastislav Matousek (shakuhachi)

Aug: collaboration with Outlandish Theatre Company, creating and performing soundtrack for LIVING ROOM,
performed multiple times in Dublin, Ireland.

10-12 Aug: performing within the 2011 Irish Sound, Science and Technology Convocation in Limerick, Ireland.

22nd Jan, 2nd Apr, 16th July: Ama_Zone 1: BlackWater
multichannel installation / event based on recordings in flooded rainforest on the canoe
in Xixuau Xiparina, Brazil; performed in The National Concert Hall, JFR - Dublin; produced by "Learn & Explore".
Experimental sound-situation dedicated to children with autism and their parents.
 released by 
Jun 25th: performance in Centre For Creative Practices, Dublin
Jun 16-19:
performing in Moscow - Festival "Noise & Fury" & Yaroslavl, Russia. CD Ama_Zone1:Black Waters released!
Apr 30th: participating in "Just listening" showcase event in Church Gallery Space, Limerick 
School of Art, Limerick.

Feb-Mar: sound-expedition circumnavigating Tasmania, Australia.
Feb: AIR Bogong, site-based project, residency and festival in Victorian mountains, southern Australia. Performed 4-channel composition The Currents created entirely from in situ recorded sounds; natural sounds as insects, frogs etc. in combination with electric power-plant sounds and its electromagnetic fields ... Curated by Philip Samartzis; organized by West Space. Wire-review pdf


Threshold is photon_phonic_installation 
in collective exhibition  S h o r e l i n e s 
Feb 25th - April 3rd in Corner Brook and 
May 28th - Sept 26th in The Rooms, St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada. 
21 Oct-20 Nov Mermaid, Bray and 
27 Nov 2010 - 15 Jan 2011 Siamsa, Tralee, Ireland. 
19 March-8 May 2011 at Burnie Art Gallery, Tasmania, Australia.
as part of festival

  mini_CD released!
  (stereo re-mix of 5.1 installation piece) 


24th-26th Nov: performing "Subaquantum Ultrealith" and 5.1 surround installation "Conche (Geophon Episode 1: Newfoundland)"
in seminar curated by Francisco Lopez in the Cultural Center "Puertas de Castilla", Murcia, Spain.

7th-22nd Oct: CoDream-Inter, installation within collective exhibition Collective Dreaming curated by Seoidin O'Sullivan in 
Exchange Gallery, Dublin.
23rd.-27th Sept
: tríd an gcoill (Collection of reality-particles: sounds and images from Dromore Wood) optophonic_installation during festival IMRAM (Irish Language Literature Festival) in City Arts Theatre, Bachelors walk 15, Dublin 2 Curated by Liam Carson. Collaboration with American poet Séamas Cain.
9-13 Aug: performing  "Subaquantum Ultrealith" facilitating workshops ESCUCHA ANIMAL ("listening animals" and "animal listening")
in Audiolab Arteleku Art Center in Donostia-San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.

Jan._NEW! released CD "organfish (electric fishsongs from amazon)" and "akvatikinsekt1 (underwater insectsongs from amazon)"

   SIGNALS 1_5
   a collection of 5.1 surround works 
   available as DVD release! 
   5 hours 25 min 29 sec


Dec 6th,20.30h: Sonic Objects No. 5          
Artificial Memory Trace / Clive Graham Vs. John Cage, at KulturbunkerMuelheim Cologne, Germany (ON - Neue Musik Koeln e.V.)

Nov. Mamori Sound Project: Amazonas, Brazil_soundsymposium/workshop (as assistant of Francisco Lopez)

  29th Oct,12 o'clock: 
  launch of 1st CD and live_broadcast performed by students in Tuiscint Centre; 
  conclusion of a year long project "Bridge between two Worlds" facilitated by 
  SKwi and funded by Eve and the Arts Council's Artist in the Community Scheme              
  managed by CREATE, 2008 - 2009. 
  CD available from Tuiscint 01 491 1473
24th Oct: Sonikas Festival, Madrid - Spain_performed Subaquantum Ultrealith piece (43 min)
(new live_program in 4_channels realised with support of the Arts Council)

Fri 16 - Sat 17th Oct: Surroundings public presentations of 5.1 surround installation (every hour from 9 am to 5 pm; 
view invitation text here) in The National Concert Hall, Kevin Barry Room - Dublin. Conclusion of year-long project celebrating 
50th Anniversary of St.Declans. Supported by The National Concert Hall and St.Declans. 
   Simultanously released Surroundings 
   CD - stereo-downmix; 
   available now!
   [detailed list of tracks download here] 
August: sound_EXPEDITION in Top_End of Northern Territory: visiting remote Garig Gunak Barlu Reserve 
(Cobourg Peninsula) and Gove Peninsula (Arnhem Land), Australia. 
Crocodylus porosus Garig Gunak Barlu
July: Wet Sounds_participating in 2nd underwater festival in UK with "Shift"_soundtrack!

23rd June: the article in The Irish Times

June 20th Saturday 3-3:30 pm Radio Tallaght 99.1FM
interview between Tony Fegan, John Faassen and Slavek Kwi with introduced fragments from soundworks created by 
students of Tuiscint Centre as part of "Artist in the community scheme" funded by The Arts Council and managed by CREATE..
O n g o i n g !

June: SIGNALS PT4_5, 5.1 installation in Tropical Ravine, Botanic Gardens, Belfast _ Capitalyst Arts  Festival,
www.catalystarts + simultaneous audio_dvd collection of 5.1 works released! Supported by The Arts Council.
27th April launch of CD - Site To Sound project (Fragments from a journey through sound)
in Solstice Arts Centre in Navan, commissioned by Meath County Council Arts Office.
Installation placed for a month in atrium of Solstice and school St.Joseph's.
Book release! Slavek Kwi contributes with graphical scores to the book Notations, a 21st c. anthology of innovative notations 
compiled by Theresa Sauer, Musicologist, Editor (American Musicological Society) 
Book launch within exhibition in in New York, USA _ with participation of Slavek Kwi 
(slide-installation of 130 graphical scores)
  March 10th 
   official launch of Surroundings project,              
   an audio-active project, supported by The National Concert Hall and              
   St. Declan's School, that aims to awaken the child's artistic sensibilities,              
   with a specific focus on SOUND. 

17 04 09 - 24 05 09 (h)ear XL
An exhibition with installations, video's, lectures and workshops about sound art (Slavek Kwi: "Boto")
Locations: kuS and Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen, Netherlands
Curator: Mike Kramer

New double_CD release! LENGHEDIVACJE: linguistic sound-art project initiated by Renato Rinaldi dealing with creating soundscape
exclusively from given local dialect (Udine, Italy) sequence. With contribution of Eric La Casa, Ward Weis, Antje Vowinckel, Giuseppe Ielasi 
and Slavek Kwi.

February: EAR-PLUGGED, Festival of New Music_performing in Sonic Playground with Quiet Club 
(Danny McCarthy & Mick O'Shea), David Stalling & Anthony Kelly, Uwe Storch, Bryan Quigley and Joe O'Farrell.
Also participating in Thalassa-Muir-Sea, the project of Sean McCrum.
happy life!

Dec. Mamori Sound Project:lake Mamori, Amazonas_soundsymposium/workshop 
(as assistant of Francisco Lopez) and Sound_Expedition to remote reserve 
Xixuau Xiparina, Amazonas, Brazil (until January 2009).
tree_frog_MAMORI katydid_XIXUAU
Nov-Dec. working simultaneously on collection of 5.1 surround_works to be compiled on DVD 
based on recordings frogsong from Mamori Frogporn.
very special design!
 New release! 
 on Waystyx Records, 

 Thanks Tamara!
 Limited edition of 120
 Calliphon Draft_CDr
 (Sonosketches 1991_94)
21st - 27th October: Auralog, sound installation ::: First Draft_ Audio Postcards from New Foundland
of Anthony Kelly, Slavek Kwi, Seán McCrum, David Stalling in Thisisnotashop Gallery as part of DEAF-festival, Dublin.

Sept: Starting 10 months project in St.Declan's school aiming to create permanent 5.1 SURROUNDINGS 
sound-installation within school's library as part of 50th Anniversary Celebration of school.
Also Site To Sound starting 3 month community project in collaboration with writer Helen Blackhurst 
combining elderly and youth group, Nobber and Navan - Meath. 

July - Nov:
field recordings for radio_project of Patricia Baker called "Navigating the Commons"
June: LENGHEDIVACJE, starting linguistic sound-art project initiated by Renato Rinaldi dealing with creating soundscape
essentially and exclusively from given local dialect (Udine, Italy) sequence. To be released as publication in spring 2009

June - Sept: creating soundtrack for shadow_puppets-show "ROISIN AND THE SEAL" of Puca Puppets 
in collaboration with Colm O'Snodaigh (Kila)

6th - 19th July: participating in 1st underwater festival Wet Sounds in UK with composition Sonafon.

26th June - 4th July: Shorelines, creative exchange_project between Ireland and New Foundland, Canada. 
Research phase 1., visiting New Foundland.
March: guest speaker in FAF Showcase Evening 4/ Sound and the white box
7th - 16th March: sound installation 5.1 dolby-surround MORPHEME in collective exhibition INTIMACIES_ Context Galleries,
Derry, Northern Ireland.

7th Feb - 6th March: sound_installation 5.1 dolby-surround BROADCAST:SOUND:::
SIGNALS :.: ::: Broadcast Gallery, DIT, Portland Row, Dublin 1_curated by Mark Garry
25th Feb - 1st March: 2 Places project: 2 simultaneous sound_twin:installations LIQUID LIGHT [pt1_IN/pt2_OUT] in Ormeau Bath Gallery, 
Belfast and IDC University of Limerick. (curated by Sean McCrum).
23rd Feb, OBG_Belfast: 11 am - 1 pm sound-workshop and 4pm - live performance of SKwi with Anthony Kelly & David Stalling.
26th of Feb: launch of publication 2 PLACES in UL, Limerick

22nd Feb: PlayBack Theatre Company with SounDin performance in The Mill Theatre, Dundrum Town Centre


Review in CIRCA 122 Winter 2007!

16th Dec: SounDin performance in LAB featuring Anthony Kelly & David Stalling. 

Release! Launch of CD The Sound We Are Now, compilation released by Aphasia Recordings with AMT participation.

SounDin exploring underwater live performing in swimming pool conceived and organized by Paul Murnaghan and Skwi.
With kind support of LAB.

7th Dec._8 pm: PlayBack Theatre Company with SounDin performance in The Mill Theatre, Dundrum Town Centre

Nov.: participating in Mamori Sound Project, workshop/residency for sound artists at Mamori Lake (Amazon, Brazil), 
directed by Francisco Lopez and organized by Mamori ArtLab

6th-13th Oct.: the presentation of Rattle_Snake in Sound Oasis at the University of South California in Long Beach USCLB, USA.

Oct.: starting electroacoustic collaboration Sedimentals with Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, to be continued!

12th Oct.: live performance (hydrophone, amplified mirror and objects, electronics) in duo with Jurgen Simpson (live electronics) 
OUTER TIME INVADING INNER SPACE within Soundings event in Daghdha Space, John's Square, Limerick. 

Oct.: Releases! CDs Drawing The Air and Xixuau_Xiparina Pt1 (sounds from Amazonas, Brazil)
Participating also in just released CD_compilation_project Sound We Are Now with piece Sound-am_I

Sept.: composition designed for headphones Nonsense_On_SENSE for Sydney Non Objective, an organisation with an exhibition 
space and active gallery program in New South Wales, Australia. Simultaneously exhibited also in Melboune at Counterpoint gallery.
Curated by Salvatore Panatteri.

Aug.: participating with Soun.Din in Playback Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Also sound_expedition in Amazonas (reserva Xixuau-Xiparina, west side of Rio Jauaperi in southern Roraima) and Mato Grosso (Pantanal).

Aug.: SounDin performs live in The Shed, Dublin :::BEHIND THESE WALLS:.:

Aug.: site_based 4-channel sound_installation Drawing The Air in collective exhibition Synesthesia Sat, Birr, Ireland. 
Curated by Paul Murnaghan. Review in CIRCA 122 Winter 2007!

15th June: PlayBack Theatre Company with SounDin performance in The Mill Theatre, Dundrum Town Centre

14 - 24 June: 11th Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture, Prague Quadrennial - participation with
soundtrack for Coraline show of Puca Puppets created by Skwi in Irish National Exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic.

June: ... just discovered: Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Collaborations 2CD (containing extensive collaborative 
piece Situacta of AMT) was released by Monochrome Vision label in Russia !  !    !

the end of May: received sad news : Peter Kristiansen left this world ...


9th December sound_workshop at EAR_plugged festival (4pm), TheLAB, Foley St, Dublin + Soun.Din2 (8pm)

Sunday 26th of November at 9:15 pm will perform Soun.Din2 Trio: Karl Burke, Diarmuid Mac Diarmada and Slavek Kwi
in LazyBird, First Floor over International Bar in Wicklow Street, Dublin

1st Oct: sound_workshop in Firkin Crane Theatre in Shandon, Cork within ArtTrail/Soundworks Festival. 
Participation also  on "Bend It Like Beckett" CD_project of Danny McCarthy ... 

Sept.: exclusive release of 1st AMT audio_news_letter: Expanzin (CDr) on Aphasia Recordings, Ireland.

INTERCEPTION II.  .  [randruma_teletelegram. s e c  o n d  phase 23:38)

2 weeks_collaborative laboratory initiated by Niamh Lawlor searching for possible crossovers
of puppetry, dance and sound/music.  With active participation of sound_makers Diarmuid MacDiarmada and Karl Burke, 
choreographer Cathy O'Kennedy with Fluxus Dance and others.

29th July - 1st Sept: sound_EXPEDITION in Top_End of Northern Territory, Australia. 
Encounter with aboriginal community on Elcho Island in eastern Arnhem Land.
   sound-workshops with children in Gawa, 
   verrrry remote school on Elcho Island.
20th July: ... received sad news frrrriendly noise_maker Geert Feytons is no longer amongst us ...

June: Sound Oasis mega_installation in Mexico-City opening

June: creating soundtrack for Sphinx, film of Andrzej Klimowski, Kavaleer Productions, Dublin.
May: creating soundtrack for Coraline puppetry show of Puca Puppets (Niamh Lawlor), Dublin

21st April: ACROMA "audio [13]', Orgenviron performance in Auckland, NZ
March - April: sound_EXPEDITION in New Zealand


festival Observatori, Valencia, Spain:
ZoomSpectives (8_channel cinema for ears)

Interpretation I. CD_release psyclone records
C_D_release !  !   !
Thursday 28th July 
closing of sound_creatures 6-month's project as Artist in the Community Scheme in 
TUISCINT Centre including performance and launch of cd + book documenting process.
Monday 20th June - Friday 1st July
Soundworks Festival, Cork

2nd June - 10th July
exhibition in Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick
>>> simply ...
differently ... ... no Cognition, only Perception) 4D 8-channel optosonic installation within exhibition "Eist"
Paradox of Paradox: 
ongoing lab-research based on observation 
of connections between the art, as phenomena,              
and psychosynthesis. Idea of "aurt" (= AuRTism) 
as the art of isolation ... 
Recording CDr-album PSYITE I.              
as extension of paradox-study: 
contains co-existentional audiorganism variation 2
and interception II. and more ...

7.3. ... just reading interesting book: "tHE sALMON OF dOUBT" from Douglas Adams, 
collection of short pieces recovered from his computer after his sudden death in May 2001.  
"Is There an Artificial God?" 
[extemporaneous speech given at Digital Biota 2, Cambridge, September 1998] 
is one of my favourite short pieces ...

assembling and creating Paradox of Paradox and Interception I. CD-based digitally frozen 
contemplations. Study is ongoing during early 2005.
studying Psychosynthesis (foundation year) in The Eckhart House, Dublin
Aug - Sept: 
sound exploration of neotropical rainforest La Selva Lacandona in southern Mexico, Chiapas.
sound installation "Music For Fish" and workshop/lecture, Soundworks Festival, Cork
Sound Oasis: field research for site-based 36-speakers installation Rattlesnake in Mexico-City.
in Sept 2004: opening of exhibition cancelled due to unforseen complications. 
Project is in negotiations with possible opening in 2005.

   Apt.30 installation in Pallas Heights, Dublin. 
   Collaboration with visual artist Seoidin O'Sullivan using derelict apartment. 
   (until June 2004)
Soun.Din - Situ.Action live in Convergence Festival, Dublin
Soun.Din - Situ.Action live in Temple Bar Gallery and Club in Project Arts Centre, Dublin
Nov 2003 - Jan 2004: 
Soun.Din, development-based audiovisual installation-experiment, 
"Living in a Cloud" collective exhibition curated by Sarah Pierce, RHA, Dublin 
(until Jan 2004).