In 1968, composer and musical innovator John Cage 
compiled examples of music by the best composers of his time: 
Milton Babbitt, Leonard Bernstein, George Crumb, Luc Ferrari, Igor Stravinsky 
and the Beatles. 
They were presented at random, with guidance only from the I Ching 
(in typical Cage fashion) with only a few words of description. 
This book became an instant classic, an introduction for the public 
at large to modern music, and the fascinating, innovative forms of notation 
that had only just started to emerge.
Notations 21 is a modern compendium and anthology, 
deriving its inspiration from Cage's seminal work. 
Thousands of new composers are creating scores,          
the likes of which Cage could have never anticipated, 
that are graphic in nature, liberated from the traditional staff, 
and rival the best visual art 
in their aesthetic value. 
The modern music world did not cease its innovations in the 1960's. 
It will profile the work of 150+ composers          
from around the world, each one using a unique or graphical notation style. 
(note: including graphical scores of slavek kwi)

Theresa Sauer, Musicologist, Editor
American Musicological Society 
a 21st c. anthology of innovative notation

you can order on: www.

from e:
Theresa Sauer wrote:
         Dear Slavek 
I am seeking composers who use graphic notation in their composition.          
Can you assist? I am doing a book project called Notations21 in the footsteps          
of John Cage's Notation's (1968) and would like to show that innovative          
notation still exists and prospers. I have almost150 well-renowned and          
emerging artists so far and still looking in all corners of the globe.          
I recently came to know of your work through the kind recommendation of          
talented artist and composer, Jenny Walshe, who is participating in the          
anthology and I was hoping that you would be willing to contribute one          
of your graphic scores.
Thanks for any help.
All the best,
Theresa Sauer wrote: 
Dear Slavek, 
Yes, I did receive everything and it was incredible to say the least. 
Your work is just amazing...words are just insufficient. 
I put in everything you sent to the publishers 
so we'll see how much they can fit in layout.          
Visually, your work is stunning to the eye 
but of course the concepts are even 
more stunning to the mind.