paradox of paradox

  is a compilation of works assembled as study in associations 
  on theme of PARADOX as phenomena. the work is further 
  extended in complementary digitally frozen contemplation 
  INTERCEPTION I, expanded_shift variation PSYITE I. 
  and serie of individual modules + audiorgans 
[ Note:  PARADOX = 
... within sound-realm of this work are no intentions to express any ideas or concepts.

However, the reality of experiencing the process of creation is leading me inevitably to my own personal interpretations          
associated with specific state of mind during the time of creation and afterwards. Though sounds are left to own destiny, 
tittles and comments documents fragments from other levels of possible relationships, parallel outcomes of creative process, 
therefore subjective.  Multi-dimensional character of creation is obvious. Interpretation is interface of unique relationship 
with sound-reality as object creating paradox.

the unspeakable is expressed s i m p l y  differently ... ) )   )
CD contains:
1. psychetal 3 > co-existential audiorganism var.1 > repeat / releasing of tension 10.12.2004 30:33
2. alytes* 1991 (+ b. bombina 1994) 4:46
3. trainbow = inner tone search / morphic resonance  8.5.2004 21:10
4. paradox of paradox 4.7.2004 15:25 
5. kristmax (tradition + ritual) +-1995 3:55 
6. piano in morphologic associations +-1990 2:01
* midwife toads (alytes obstetricans) are singing sonorous voices, each little frog keeps repeating one tone,
each frog a little bit different pitch - all together creating harmonious and balanced polyphonies.
each frog confirms its individuality and simultaneously is holding equal place in whole harmonious organism. 
what is my inner tone ?

[lower tones of fire-bellied toads (bombina bombina) are in-mixed in co-existance] 
digitally frozen contemplation constructed by skwi in dec 2004 ireland  / planktone: happy "new" year 2005.
Paradox of Paradox:

Relationship between uniqueness (subjective interpretation) versus universality (reality = object)
is in perpetual friction of contradictions and is generating tension between extreme principles in tendency
to balance evolution towards syntropy. Consciousness is enhanced by inclusive character of perception creating space (=tolerance) for potential co-existences within opposite principles; speed of transformation is consequent to distance in between extreme principles, absolute boundaries of reality. Through releasing tension, space and time is expanding.

To balance paradox, inter_relation (=tension) is in harmony of extreme principles: 
on one side, the object as outside re|ality is left "as it is" and other side, the subjective, 
the re|ality is percepted as unique - personal - 
interpretation serves to define individual 
understanding/comprehension/making sense of reality. 

Therefore the encounter between I, as the unique, 
creates automatically balanced tension with the universal, as re|ality. 
The tension in between object and subject is balanced consequently to the degree of mutual respect.

the interpretation cannot be used as controlling tool for distorting re???ality.