phase (1) _ skwi: created 7/10/2007

24 bit 48kHz _ 

FILE: SEDIMENTALS (1) --- :.: ::: 

> created solely from initial sounds given by DAVID STALLING & ANTHONY KELLY
26 min long basic skeletonal soundscape_mosaic : feel free to alter anything you wish 
and enter within with your layers and sub_structures --- re_sample/re_transform/process
 ... change relationship in between sounds/layers etc. --- _ whatever.
you can erase whole parts too ... you can erase all and start all over          ...
however, total DURATION cannot be changed: 26 min exact.
as additional sounds employ only M E N U (and sounds generated from SEDIMENTALS 1-itself): 
not neccessary to use all sounds in MENU of course, feel absolutely free to select and 
transform any particle of sound_reality proposed/shared . . . . .
when you establish  N  E  W  SEDIMENTALS:          
(as another phase of collaborative exchange of audio_ideas)
create another MENU with associative sounds for further development.

SEDIMENTALS will be exchanged, developed and altered several times.
ALL sounds generated from this collaboration 
can be used within different context, 
however it must be credited.