Francisca Rivero-Lake C <>
Dear Slavek
Hope this message finds you great !
I am writing you regarding the presentation of Sound Oasis at the 
University of South California in Long Beach USCLB. 
The new presentation is an initiative of Martyn Ware and an invitation of the University. 
The idea is to take one of the most popular sites of Campus to present the show 
from October 6 to October 13th, 2007. 
The mastering will be made by Martyn Ware and he will master to works literally from the original to fit the new site's          
specifications. Please address all technical issues to Martyn and copy me on the communications. 
Attached is the site map that is missing the sub-boofers.

Because of the Site's specifications, show will run from 10 am to 10 pm. 
The following order has been suggested:
10 am Radioqualia. sol. 
11 am Chris Watson. Tren fantasma 
12 pm Luz Maria Sanchez. 20.04.2004              
01 pm Slavek Kwi. Rattlesnake              
02 pm Manuel Rocha. B-36-A 
03 pm The Illustrious Co. Time piece 
04 pm Rogelio Sosa. Organa 
05 pm Gal*in_dog. Divox 
06 pm Maryanne Amacher. Teo! 
07 pm Ultra-Red. Mariachi Plaza 
08 pm Mario de Vega. Periferia              
09 pm Merzow. Snail.
Please let me know your comments and views. 
All the best