#1]  16_channel sound_installation by Slavek Kwi on 36 speakers, mexico_city 2004

A complex system conceived as a single entity composed from layers and clusters of interconnected and simultaneously 
independent sound units - a "jelly-sonic"organism containing microcells - coexisting in various inter-relations 
and in perpetual transformation. 
All sound-textures were created from field-recordings (May 2004) on location and in close surroundings. 
I recorded  ambient sounds: traffic noise with claxons and whistling of policemen, street musicians playing "grinding organs", 
works on buildings etc. The structural skeleton was generated from 1 second of a seed-rattle sound. 
This rattle sound was organized in repetitive patterns ("codes") and developed throughout the piece. 
These codes are in perpetual transformation, shifting through time and space. The skeletal thread of sound 
interlaces layers of aural textures extracted from original recordings,
hovering between the recognizable and the purely abstract. 



    DEMO CD:
      stereo_mix of 16_channels/model: 30 min
    <<< details of grass_hopper wings)
The structure oscillates between entropy and syntropy. Forms disintegrate in order to transform,
to reach more complex levels of organisation, effecting the balance of the whole organism. 
An attempt to communicate with the sound-environment.
"Rattlesnake" was composed by Slavek Kwi during May - July 2004 in Ivy Cottage in Ireland 
and spatialized in Illustrious Studio in London in UK with creative input of Martyn Ware (thanks!).

Project was shifted to June 2006.
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RATTLEscore: click!

   from process_notebook: 

   ... an attempt for communication with the environment 
   > balance of "I" and Reality 
   = the Ality



fragment of spatialisation score:


May 2004:
Scaning location around Palacio de 
Bellas Artes, Mexico-City


September 2004:
Opening of installation: ... speakers are placed on lamps
(note: during opening performed only short tracks of all 
12 participants in stereo)
RATTLEscore: click!
^ Sept. 2004: 
placement of speakers
^ overview of park and Palacio            ^ park (space_spatialization)
  from hotel (May 2004)