S U R| R O U N D I N G S


Permanent sound-installation as resource using 5.1 dolby-surround system placed in l i b r a r y:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::UPDATE 1 + 2

I D E Ais:::::::::::::::::::::::
   the installation will consist of series 
   of various soundscapes 
   ranging from direct-to-microphone             ::::::::::::::::::: 
   multichannel recordings from :::
   1. specific environments (natural as Amazon rainforests, from different              
   habitats and places as rainforests from Amazon, Mexico, Australia,              
   nesting colonies of terns from Antrim, underwater recordings of shrimps              
   and seals from Sligo etc. and urban environments as railway station,              
   street, harbour, from life of school itself - subjective portrait of school 
   _ audiomonument for 50th anniversary of the school etc.)
   2. created musique concrete/electroacoustic compositions from sounds
   3. created soundscapes, sound-stories and various music forms recorded             
   with children using various self-created instrument, instruments and voice. 

<<<<< skwi: listening and recording swallows, july 2008_ivy cottage/meath

Installation is evolving as almost alive entity gradually and changing as the pieces are created and added within overall composition.

Installation can be extensive and growing - as alive art_lifeform :::

1. education from different perspective about music and arts, nature (biology, geography, climates etc.) and urban environment.
2. training of listening skills as fundamental skill for creating music
3. changing of perception of surrounding sound environment
4. aesthetical education, sharping senses and sensitivity

Supported by The National Concert Hall and St.Declan's School:.: :::