The Composition focuses on the appreciation of sounds as they are - whether you consider the sounds as music or not, … a blend of documentary and fantasy, of real and unreal, ... a journey through various environments - cinema for ears projected on the screen of your mind and imagination.
Surroundings is an ongoing audio-active project facilitated by Slavek Kwi, supported and funded by The National Concert Hall and St. Declans School. The project aims to awaken the child's artistic sensibilities, with a specific focus on SOUND - raising awareness of our sound-environment - culminating in a final concert presentation in The National Concert Hall and celebrating 50th Anniversary of St. Declans School simultaneously.
On 16th and 17th October this sound adventure will be presented in the Kevin Barry Room, where Slavek will explain the different outcomes and aspirations of this project. A permanent sound-installation will run in the library of St.Declans School, of which a selected compilation will be performed on a 5.1 surround system using multiple speakers creating a 4-dimensional immersive sound-environment. This composition is constructed from recordings with children and teachers in St.Declans in combination with other field-recordings collected by Slavek in Ireland and around the world - such as rainforests of Brazilian Amazon, and Africa; Australia and Newfoundland.