Collage of reality-particles created in May 2008 by AMT/Slavek Kwi 
in Ivy Cottage Studio, Ireland. Especially designed for underwater diffusion.

Structural and textural exploration of echolocation clicks/sonar of Pink Dolphins
Inia geoffrensis (local name "boto"), original sounds recorded in Rio Jaupaperi (off Rio Negro), 
reserve Xixuau Xiparina, Amazonas, Brazil - August 2007 with ultrasound range hydrophones 
Sensortech SQ26, microphones DPA 4060 and Sound Devices 722. 
Special thanks to Chris Clark for his support.
List of original sounds used in piece:
Echolocation clicks, surfacing-breath-out and vocal sounds of Pink Dolphins
Fragment of canoe floating in flooded rainforest with background sound of insects. 
Transposed bird_songs (rec. Pantanal, Brazil 2007)
Japanese bell, various transformations
Tonal squeak of train on rails, various transformations (rec. Prague 1994)
Note: last 3 seconds = skwi_audio-signature
Wet Sounds 2008
The UK's first underwater sound festival, Wet Sounds 2008, launches its national tour in London at the London Fields Lido,
Sunday 6 July at 3pm where the public is invited to experience a collection of especially made sound art from around the world.
Wet Sounds is a mobile gallery for sound art, which has been put together by artist Joel Cahen at Newtoy Ltd from a range of work 
submitted by artists worldwide. The work is exhibited at leisure centres and universities nationwide. 
The exhibition will be a touring underwater sound festival, 6 - 19 July, visiting nine pools across the country. 
Wet Sounds makes sound art accessible to the public through a unique listening experience. As part of the normal public pool admission, 
the audience floats or dives through water immersed in sound. 
Joel Cahen, curator of Wet Sounds 2008, said: 
"It's fantastic to be able to open up the unique experience of sound art with this, our first national tour. 
We hope local people will visit the pools in their areas and support the Wet Sounds festival." 
Wet Sounds is kindly supported by Hackney Council's Cultural Development Team, 
Arts Council of England and the PRS Foundation. The tour returns to London Fields Lido on 
Saturday 19 July, where it will end with a special live performance by Nurse With Wound and Andrew Liles. 
There will be a charge for this closing performance and tickets are available from

To find out about pool admission costs on 06 July and travel directions, 
contact Hackney's Lido directly at Greenwich Leisure Limited, London Fields Westside, 
Hackney, London E8 3EU, T: 020 7254 9038,
For more information on the event visit the Wet Sounds website 
or contact the Cultural Development Team on 020 8356 7209.


Subject: Wet Sounds
Date: Wednesday, 25 June, 2008, 2:27 AM
Hi Slavek, 
After much deliberation, as I received hundreds of applications and good
ones, some were really good but I was not sure they'd sound as good
underwater. I decided to include your piece in the gallery for 2008. It
will be played wherever Wet Sounds is touring in the coming year and your
profile displayed on the gallery page of the Wet Sounds website. Please
send me an image you would like to accompany your page, either of yourself
or anything you fancy. The image should be a vertical rectangular shape
[3:4 ratio]. 
You are welcome free of charge to the closing event - the live Nurse With
Wound and Andrew Liles performance but please rsvp. 
Thank you very much for your work
 and apologies for getting back to you so