From: Mike Kramer <>
Subject: Invitation (h)ear XL - sound art
To: "Kunstencentrum Signe" <>
Date: Thursday, 9 April, 2009, 7:22 AM

(h)ear XL 17 04 09 - 24 05 09

An exhibition with installations, video's, lectures and workshops about sound art
Locations: kuS and Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen, Netherlands
Curator: Mike Kramer

Once sound art was: Noise! Hectic! In the beginning of last century the noise machines of Italian artist Luigi Russolo roared as an illustration for his manifest "l'Arte dei rumori". In 1952 John Cage "composed" a concerthall: the audience coughing, scuffling feet of the pianists. The legendary "silence" of 4.33 didn't go unnoticed. It served as an introduction to sound art in surprising shapes, variations and frequencies. Sound sculptures, noise, musique concrète, speaker art, ambient, voice art. Meanwhile sound art is just as classical music, jazz and pop music a respected, independent art form, that is often interrelated to visual arts and video-art. Sound art is the art of omitting. A sound adventure that penetrates deeply in our consciousness as it enters our hearing unorganized and flows out organized.
Harry Prenger (Heerlen, March 2009)

Gill Arno, Steve Roden, Stephen Vitiello / Seoungho Cho, Paul Devens, Raviv Ganchrow, chacha, Ronald van der Meijs, Erwin Stache, William Engelen, Slavek Kwi, Pierre Berthet

Opening friday 17 april
kuS: 19.00 - 21.30 hour
The exhibition will be opened by artistic director of Intro in situ Ad van der Koog.
Pierre Berteth performance

Nieuwe Nor: 21.30 - 02.00 hour
Funckarma / Nowy / incite/ live shows

Workshops in kuS
Gill Arno (24 & 28 april, 5, 12, & 19 may)

Sunday 10 may 14.00 hour in Nieuwe Nor: lectures and performances
David Toop / Gill Arno / Raviv Ganchrow

Closing day on 24 may in kuS from 20.00 hour
Pierre Bastien live show

The works
Gill Arno - 'mpld' (installation + workshops + lecture)
Steve Roden - 'three landscapes' (a/v installation)
Stephen Vitiello (soundtrack) / Seoungho Cho (director) - 'buoy' (a/v installation)
Paul Devens / 10:21 AM - 'latitude' (a/v installation)
Raviv Ganchrow - '131 m cubed' (audio installation + lezing)
chacha - 'turn me on' (a/v installation)
Ronald van der Meijs - 'building breath' (audio installation)
Erwin Stache - '83,7 kilo ohm' (interactive audio installation)
William Engelen - 'aanslag' (audio installation)
Slavek Kwi - 'boto' (audio installation)
Pierre Berthet - 'expirator' (audio installation + performance during the opening)

kuS Willemstraat 91a, Heerlen, Netherlands