Another Coraline performances:
  Project Arts Centre, Dublin 16th-28th October, 
  Tel: (01) 881 9613 / 881 9614 
  Ticket prices €7 €10 €14 and special school prices and after show talks.        

  Mermaid Arts Centre, Main St Bray Co Wicklow Tel 01 272 4030 
  November 1st 11am and 4pm Tickets €10

  The Source Arts Centre, Thurles, 9th November 2pm and 7 pm, 
  Box Office 050490204, Tickets €10, €12
  Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, Tel : 046 909 2300, 
  16th 17th November 10.30 am and 2pm, 18th 4pm and 7pm. Tickets €10 / €7
  Of a performance in Cork Midsummer festival Franc Chamberlain 
  of Total Theatre Magazine UK said:

  'The stage pictures and puppets were lovely and fitted very neatly with        
  the mood of Gaiman's novel and had something of the spirit of Dave McKean's        
  illustrations for The Wolves in the Walls. There are slow, intense dreamlike        
  images which linger, Coraline walking…a David Lynch moment with two        
  old lesbian thespians and their audience of dogs… buttons for eyes…        
  a mother's arm nightmarishly extending…Coraline being hurled through       
  the mirror slowly somersaulting to land on the other side, trapped.'
Press quotes on Coraline :. :

Lovingly-crafted, enchanting adaptation from Púca Puppets' Coraline may have been written with children in mind but it's an occasionally chilling and atmospheric 
fable that will appeal to young and old alike. It's an altogether engaging and refreshing piece.  
Daragh Reddin, Metro, 23 October 2006 Rating* * * * 

The production of Coraline, for older children and adults, based on Neil Gaiman's dark fairytale, was this year's major project. It was developed over two years by director Sue Mythen, and performers Margot Jones, Niamh Lawlor and Joe Moylan. This work was assisted by the Abbeyonehundred, an Arts Council bursary, and Dublin City Council. It was finally brought to fruition this year thanks to an Arts Council Project Award, co-production with Éigse Carlow Arts festival, and help from the fantastic team at Project Arts Centre. With a cast of over fifteen puppets and innumerable set pieces it was a huge undertaking from the making point of view and a collaboration with painter Fiona Dowling and assistance from prop-maker/designers Maree Kearns and Miriam Duffy and stage manager Maeve Colleary, proved invaluable. Added to this was a remarkable score by sound sculptor Slavek Kwi, and atmospheric lighting by Moyra D'Arcy. There is a balance in the blend of all these elements that stays on the right side of scary, retaining an imaginative grip throughout this impressive creation. Gerry Colgan, Irish Times, 20 Oct 2006

"Púca Puppets have come up with a remarkable fusion of Neil Gaiman's much praised novel for children and their own finely-honed skills in puppetry. 
The result is a show that entertains adults as much as the 10-year-olds it is aimed at, a macabre fairytale that patronises neither group…
Three puppeteers…animate the story with a blend of stagecraft, excellent lighting and sound effects, directed by Sue Mythen. There is a balance in the blend 
of all these elements that stays on the right side of scary, retaining  an imaginative grip throughout this impressive creation."
Gerry Colgan, Irish Times, Oct 20th 2006
"How Coraline escapes and foils the other mother makes for a deceptively simple, clever and often scary tale that should have all but the most unimaginative        
grown-ups feeling the hairs rise up on the backs of their necks. Púca Puppets use wonderfully effective and expressive soft-bodied  puppets…
Niamh Lawlor, one of a team who designed the puppets, plays Coraline and is particularly good at making herself almost of a body with this imaginary little girl.
She and supporting players Joseph Moylan and Margot Jones dart deftly around the puppet stage.This is a raised, rotating platform…which with the aid of expert 
lighting by Moyra D'Arcy and a few props, transports us from the warmth and friendliness of home to the chilly otherness of a different dimension." 
Rating * * * * Elizabeth McGuane, Sunday Business Post, October 22nd 2006
"This delightful adaptation by Púca Puppets of the Neil Gaiman novel is weird, scary, funny and enchanting. It has no special effects apart from some imaginative 
lighting and the skill of the actors manipulating the puppets and voicing the characters. Yet Margot Jones, Niamh Lawlor and Joseph Moylan create the illusion of 
an entire spooky, parallel world… The large range of puppets and props is handled with enormous dexterity by the three actors. Unfortunately, young children might 
find some of the images a bit too scary, so the age group aimed at is 10-plus. This is a brave production in the era of computer effects and electronic wizardry,        
but it shows the power of a well-told, witty story to engage the emotions and fire the imagination." 
Rating * * * * * Michael Moffatt, Irish Mail on Sunday, October 22nd 2006