WARNING: Do not read!
The more information you absorb, the more influenced you'll be in the way you percept reality. There is nothing to be understood. No comprehension is required accessing this work.

Don't get distracted by any meaning that this artwork might provoke in your mind. PERCEPTION. No Cognition …

Influence of IN_Formation on the Perception of Reality within Paradox of
P a r a d o x : Relationship between uniqueness (subjective interpretation) versus universality (reality = object) is in perpetual friction of contradictions and is generating tension between extreme principles in tendency to balance evolution towards syntropy. Consciousness is enhanced by inclusive character of perception creating space (=tolerance) for potential co-existences within opposite principles; speed of transformation is consequent to distance in between extreme principles, absolute boundaries of reality. Through releasing tension, space and time expands.
P A R A D O X of Complementary Contradiction:
The truth isn't true unless in balance with non_true.

LIQUID LIGHT [PORTAL 1] / from-IN _ OUT/ placed INSIDE_black
Sounds vibrating through silver_inter_surface are generated from recordings of echolocation clicks of Amazon Pink Dolphins and underwater sounds transposed from ultrasound range to infrasound. Original sounds recorded November 2007 in Mamori Lake, Amazonas, Brazil.
Portal leads to parallel AUDIO_ARTICLE (collage of re_ality-particles)
title: BOTO
Boto is local name for Amazon Pink Dolphins (Inia Geoffrensis). Original sounds recorded August 2007 in reserve Xixuau-Xiparina on river Jauaperi (off Rio Negro), Amazonas, Brazil. Listen.


LIQUID LIGHT [PORTAL 1] / from-OUT _ IN / placed OUTSIDE_white
Sounds are generated through moving silver_inter_surface by wind and possibly rain; transmitted with microphone to speaker incorporated inside white polystyrene sphere.

Calligraphy of weather.

Portal leads to parallel AUREALM_experimental audio-environment in library coffee-shop; title: LUNCHTIME CICADA
Various aural colours and textures inter_mixed in perpetually changing combinations are created from sounds of insects recorded originally in Amazon rainforest in Aug. and Nov. 2007. Fancy a cup of tea?

Technical note:
Recorded with microphones DPA 4060, ultrasound-range hydrophones Sensortech SQ26, Cetacean Research Technology C54XRS and Sound Devices 722.

Quantum superposition implies that a particle can be in two or more places or states simultaneously. / A particle, which we think of a solid, exists in superposition, a spread-out wave of possible locations. It's in all of those at once. The instant you focus on it, it snaps into just one position. / Choice … /All is nothing but possible movements of consciousness and I am choosing moment to moment out of those movements to bring my actual experience into manifestation.
(fragments of thoughts from "What the bleep do we know!?" film of Will Arntz, 2004)

Funded by The Arts Council of Ireland