Broadcast sound: 
   Presents a new work by Slavek Kwi. 

 SIGNALS              :                 .                     :      
   This work is made up or a collection of pure sound recordings presented on a multi-channel system .
   Recordings of sounds that exist on the periphery of human perception, such as underwater recordings, 
   ultrasound (sonar's), infrasound and electromagnetic signals. 

   These recordings were sourced both in the Amazonian rainforest 
   and a range of domestic environments. 


: : :

   closing of exhibition with live performance of soun.din
    karl burke, 
    diarmuid macdiarmada, 
    anthony kelly, 
    david stalling, 
    slavek kwi     ))) 

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   5.1 set_up with speakers covered in white fur
   on white pedestals in almost complete darkness
   with faint blue light, in middle place to sit.