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- n. prolonged loud confused noise.
- v. (foll. by into) force (information) into a person by constant repetition; make a din.

In 1996 Dont Rhine gave me the collected Public Space writings by the Los Angeles based 'audio activists' Ultra-red entitled DIN. I remember reading the title, thinking of its meaning and its perfect claim for a collection of writing about sound art practice. I have stolen it for the title of this show. It is a sound show, electronic and digital, and 'sampling' because we like the sound, the tone, the context of the sample is how much of this work is formed. Thanks Dont.

I met Slavek Kwi and Karl Burke through Arthouse. When I approached them to organise a space within Arthouse for works by sound aritsts whom they know and are interested in they agreed that in Dublin, we need this space, no matter how temporary. Slavek has collected CD-Roms over the past 15 years by artists he has come across while studying and performing. Most artists on the list are not widely distributed, some not at all, and for him to select and present them in this format is a gift for which I am hugely grateful. Karl brings his years of experience in the Dublin art scene to this project. Both of these artists' openness and enthusiam for sound art makes Din a unique space. I have been struck over the past months working on this project and discussing it with them by their lack of tendancy to fall into factions - that so many of us do when it comes to sound art.

discourse, and perhaps disrupts it or obscures it. It is incluciosn with out incorporation - Don't ry to find any over riding theme here, other than taste - Slavek and Karl's.

Okay, no one is forcing anyone, not in this situation anyway. But what I have learned from artists like Dont is that sound can articulate social relations - that sound is political. What does it mean to have sound art at Arthouse? How does this action disrupt the space, perhaps making it more elusive, communal, or forgive me, ideal? Right now this work is availabe in the glass gallery of Arthouse's exhibitions space on Curved Street. Opposite the Temple Bar Music Centre, and (e)faced each day by adolescents sporting Goth makeup overlapped by t-shirts silkscreened with Kurt Cobain's face. Kurt Cobain hated Goth? Does it matter? How has inforamiton

Din, as a sound show, is one of many that have occurred recently. There seems to have been a slew of calls for entiries - perhaps because the CD-Rom is such an accomodating medium.
It has always struck me as odd that we designate sound art as a new practice. People used sound to communacate long before images.


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