[collage from particles of re_ality] 
“ i am not here
but you are hearing me
as sound _ you listen
when i no longer sound,
you look at me _ see me:
i am light, form and i spark
your imagination . . .
i am stimuli in your mind,
reflected from the walls
of re_ality surrounding you ...
whatever you imagine
can happen . . . ”
      field recordings:
   1) the_site_itself: birr. rec. july 2007 
       [generating sounds in resonant space and inside car (rain + wipers) on the way back home]
   2) on the edge of river: kakadu national park, australia_rec. august 2006 
      [recordings evening/night/early morning on the edge of river: you can hear mainly insects,
        flying foxes and birds - as 'laughing' black bird "currawang" on the end]

     composed by slavek kwi july 2007 in ivy cottage, ireland. (for loftus)

     duration: 4_channels sync. in loop 50:08 min
CD_COVER (including BONUS TRACKS:) :::  
   tracks 2 - 6:
   cd_version of 4_trk installation was created by mixing original channels 1 + 2 as stereo with 
   channels 3 + 4 recorded within resonant space itself from installation units direct_to_mic 
   rode nt4 and sound devices 722.
   tracks 1 + 8:
   ambient recordings of site_space itself, birr
  track 7:
   audio_signature of skwi
   track 9 - 10: erratika_paralel process track created as buffer situation in between several works,
   used as basic spine for project Sound-am_I?
    --- pt1: generated from sounds rec. inside car (raining and vipers) 2007
    --- pt2: pontoon squeaking, rec. in sydney, australia 2006
   tracks 11 - 16: asymrag / audio_notes from visiting of belgium, march 2007. featuring fragments 
   from improvisation played by miroslav konecny: sitar and jaroslav: percussion, cry: newborn manuel.
 e  t    c            .                                                  .