Conche (Geophon_episode 1: Newfoundland)
Multi-channel installation constructed from underwater and field-recordings collected in June/July 2008 and May/June 2010 in remote 
fishing village Conche, Newfoundland, Canada.  Composed and recorded by Slavek Kwi in July 2010, Ireland. Installation will be premiered 
in the Cultural Center "Puertas de Castilla", Murcia, Spain in Nov 2010. Curated by Francisco Lopez .
Participation in Collective Dreaming exhibition curated by Seoidin O'Sullivan in Exchange Gallery, Temple Bar - Dublin: 5.1 surround installation - including COMPOST SPEAKER object - constructed from field-recordings from Amazon rainforest (Mamori, Brazil) in combination with underwater recordings from swimming pool (recorded in Dublin with Soun.Din: Paul Murnaghan, Diarmuid MacDiarmada, Karl Burke, Hugh O'Neill and Slavek Kwi); assembled 2008.
tríd an gcoill
(Collection of reality-particles: sounds and images from Dromore Wood)
optophonic_installation during festival IMRAM (Irish Language Literature Festival) in City Arts Theatre, Dublin in September 2010. Curated by Liam Carson. Collaboration with American poet Séamas Cain.
The multi-channel audiovisual installation created by Slavek Kwi is composed entirely from underwater and field recordings captured in 
Coill an Droma Mhóir in various weather conditions and times during July 2010. All sounds - including spoken words - were organized using 
a strategy of controlled coincidence; devised chance operations. The sounds are employed as recorded; no transformation except 
fragmentation through editing and volume adjustments. The composition creates additional layers of abstract vocabulary to enhance 
the unspeakable. There are available 2 "home - versions": stereo adaptation in CD edition and 5.1 mix with film as DVD edition
from or here.

optophonic_installation in collective exhibition Shorelines touring: Feb 25th - April 3rd in Corner Brook 
and May 28th - Sept 26th in The Rooms, St.John's, Newfoundland in Canada; Autumn 2010 - January 2011 in Ireland 
(Mermaid, Bray open 21 Oct-20 Nov and Siamsa, Tralee open 27 Nov-2010 - 15 Jan 2011) and open 19 March-8 May 2011
at Burnie Art Gallery, Tasmania in Australia as part of
Signals Pt4_5
surround 5.1 sound_installation in Tropical Ravine, Botanic Gardens, Belfast, Capitalyst Arts Festival, 2009

Morpheme (Signals Pt2)    
sound_installation 5.1 dolby surround  in Intimacies, Context Galleries, Derry, Northern Ireland in March 2008
Signals Pt1
sound_installation 5.1 dolby surround, Broadcast Gallery DIT, Dublin in February 2008.

Liquid Light and  Boto
optophonic_installation in collective exhibition 2 Places,  simultaneous in Ormeau Bath Gallery, Belfast and 
IDC University of Limerick in January - March 2008 
composition for headphones, Sydney Non Objective - gallery, New South Wales, Australia, 2007.  
Exhibited also in Melboune at Counterpoint gallery. Curated by S. Panatteri. 

Drawing The Air
multichannel installation in collective exhibition Synesthesia Sat, Birr, Ireland. (2007)
Curated by Paul Murnaghan. 
within "EIST" (=listen) collective exhibition in LCGA (Limerick City Gallery of Art), 
8-track installation (2nd June - 10th July 2005)
Sound Oasis, site-based 36-speakers installation in Mexico-City, Mexico (May - July 2004)
and in in Sound Oasis Project in The University Art Museum (CSULB), Long Beach, California, USA (2007)
in Pallas Heights, Dublin. Collaboration with visual artist Seoidin O'Sullivan using derelict apartment (April - June 2004)
Fringe Festival, Back Up, City Arts Centre, Dublin (Oct 2003)
with Paul Murnaghan, Galerie Rachel Haferkamp, Cologne, Germany (June 2003)
Jellyfish + Parasites
Permaculture, Project Arts Centre, Dublin (Febr 2003)
in collective exhibition Mend, Storehouse, Dublin (Sept 2002)
Soundshapes (track 12)
collaborative sound-installations for Galway Arts Festival with following tour in Ireland 2002 - 2003.
Helen's Music Box          
in Tripswitches, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin (April 2002)
Helen's Music Box [detail]
co-curating with Sarah Pierce and Karl Burke an exhibition about sound_art 
in Arthouse, Dublin (January 2002). Participating 753 sound_artists!
Spectral Territories Pt2
Marks of Ommission, 6-channel sound-installation in Arthouse, Dublin (Sept.-Oct. 2001)
The Eavesdrop of the Neighbors (Track 3)
collaboration with Umberto Lemmens and
Spectral Territories Pt1
both in Visual and Sounding Arts Festival, Ulestraaten, Holland (May - June 2001)
Requiem For the Fly
collaboration with Paul Murnaghan in event Poisonhats, Project Arts Center, Dublin (May 2001)
festival Observatori, Valencia, Spain (Nov. 2000)
festival The Sound of Image/The Image of Sound, Eijsden, Holland (Sept. 2000)
Calliphonies (Reasonances & Skeletunes)
festival Winter Sound Landscapes/Machomet II., Holland (Dec. 1998)