site-based sound-installation realised within
     "Klanken Verbeeld Beelden Verklankt" festival 
     in Eijsden, Holland organised by Intro/In Situ,
     September 2000

     < plastic sail moving with wind
    << wooden rattle placed near sitting places to interact with, if you wish ...

    [from notebook: 
      ideas for composition)
Sound-installation MEADOW contains various devices distributed in clusters throughout the site, the meadow in gardens of castle in 
Eijsden, producing sounds connected with the original sono-biotop: devices includes "birdscarers" and wooden clappers originating from 
the region of Limburg (provided by Paul Coenjaarts), simple devices moved by wind ("sails" and "flags" from various grains of plastics 
etc.) and pre-recorded soundscape diffused from special set-up of speakers placed within the site (polystyren covered speakers - 
as white monolithic blocks with printed silver hand on top suggesting to touch and feel vibrations and tweeters separated and 
attached inside black umbrellas hanging above white-speakers on the trees), including sounds generated from original recordings 
captured within site in June 2000. 

The idea is to explore possibilities of SPECTRAL EXTENSION of aural potential in sound environments 
through random accumulation of textures and colours influenced by sounds from site itself including weather changes etc. 
  "macro vs micro" [as extreme boundaries of reality) 
   >>> visual pre-concept for "meadow" (collage)
E.g. various grains of plastics used for clusters of flags placed in meadow are moved by wind and generatin randomly another layers 
of "white noise" sounds complementing sounds of wind heard fromleaves in trees and sounds of running water of nearby brook etc. 
While audience moves through the space, the composition changes ... 

On the site are also placed a few wooden chairs to sit and stay on location for some while. 
Spending time within installation is essential ... the installation suggests the EXPERIENCE of being part of specific ordinary 
acoustic environment in inclusive and receptive way ...  
Listen, feel, let it be ...
drafts / ideas for various elements / devices:
draft / map of spatialisation within location: