collaborative project premiered in July 2002 in Galway Arts Festival co-curated by Sean McCrum and Hilary Morley with following tour in Ireland 2002 - 2003

Slavek Kwi: ALCHEMY

Collaboration with: Salah Kawala (glass-sculptor)
Concept: Fire. Subjective report from an encounter.
Process: 1] Recording of sounds in the studio, original acoustic sounds was produced with various manipulations of glass objects and pyrorgan ("fire-organ", glass tubes resonating with flames) mostly by Salah. 2] Observation of sound potential of recorded material. Organisation of sounds from original recordings with sounds manipulated by computer (as edit/mix, filters, speed variation and reverb) into soundscape.
Outcome: electroacoustic CD-based composition
Compilation CD: "Sklo" [Glass-work] 6:52

Collaboration with: Inge Van Doorslaer (installation)
Concept: Microscopic and microtonal variations. Various grains of white. Balance.
Process: multiple discussions and meetings searching for a common point in approach, consultation of each other's natural tendencies in creation.
1. electroacoustic CD-based composition "Various dimensions of ordinary" [8:30] documenting process. Created from sounds of various objects, which Inge initially used for demonstration of her tendencies in choice of textures and forms. Piece contains sounds transformed by computer in combination with acoustic fragments.
2. Microtonal sound installation: Soundtrack (fixed on CD played in repeat mode) was created from sounds of bone china [porcelain] and is resonating through objects with piezo transducers [in function as little speakers] placed underneath, possibility to change sound-colours by removing and placing objects on/off transducers.
3. Micro-instruments: gently manipulating objects as little percussive instruments using ceramic sticks, creating friction on each of the surfaces, placing little marbles and shaking etc.
4. Collage-piece demonstrating acoustic possibilities of objects (CD)
Compilation CD: "Various grains of white" 1:21
Constructed by editing and mixing of short fragments of acoustic sounds.

Collaboration with: Martina Coyle (installation)
Concept: Water. Oxygen. Transparency. Perception of fish within and also taken out of its natural environment. Soundtrack.
Process: Created mainly from sounds of aquatic origin (with various computer manipulations) and designed for special sound-unit, which is used for diffusion. This unit employs moving membranes of speakers as additional sound-generator (mechanic transformations of sounds).
Sound-installation is performed from two-tracks fixed on CD [8:35]:
1] Left channel of composition contains low-pitched sounds and is leading to low-frequency response speaker with attached mirror, on surface of mirror is placed one little pearl on nylon string. 2] Right channel contains high-pitched sounds further subdivided in two layers using frequency response of two another speakers. One layers effects little speaker with few pearls placed inside its cone and another layer effects tiny tweeter producing extremely high frequencies, sometimes on the edge of audibility.
Pearls placed either on mirror or inside little speaker are reacting on movements of speaker's membrane and are producing additional acoustic sounds mixing with other sounds heard through speakers.
Compilation CD: "Musique pour poissons" (Music for fish) - extract of 5:54 recorded with binaural microphones in resonant space of Studio 12 in IMMA from sound-unit itself.

Collaboration with: Peter Strassner (wood-sculptor)
Concept: Wood. Creation of sound-object
Process: consultation of mutual interests and exchange of information, with precious help of Magda Maher (to whom I would like to thank). I have described certain sounds I would be interested about particular sounds this object would produce with leaving all esthetical and technical aspect to Peter. I was especially interested about squeaking sounds of multiple little doors, randomly sounding hanging objects and overall rocking (kinetic) character of whole body.
Outcome: 1] CD-based composition.
2] Currently in process (May 2002): working on graphical composition destined for performance combining wooden tower, pre-recorded tape and live processing. In collaboration with Paul Roe (clarinets), Rob Canning and Sven Anderson (live electronics - laptop).
Compilation CD: "Squearockora" 1:42
Constructed by editing and mixing of few fragments, non-transformed acoustic sounds.

Collaboration with: Robert Tully
Concept: Metal. Landscape.
Process: multiple meetings and consultation of ideas
Outcome: CD-based composition created from recordings improvised with Paul Roe (also using clarinet) exploring strictly acoustic sound potential of object. Searching for another possibilities - excluding voluntarily obvious playing - through various manipulations and de-constructing of instrument.
Compilation CD: "Sleeper" 2:27
Constructed by editing and mixing of short fragments of improvisation, collage from non-transformed sounds in combination with clarinet.

The works were developed during artist's residency in IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Arts), Dublin, November 2001 - May 2002.