Interpretation Series 1: 
'translation" of graphical score (drawing) in sound-form      

Manual_ Instructions:
Rule 1. total duration is exactly 3 min.
Rule 2. internal structure is absolutely free, but respecting timing and graphical score.
Rule 3. you can employ any sound (or any combination of sounds) as you wish.
Rule 4. you can employ any technique you desire (e.g. play "it", construct "it" etc.)
note: this score can be interpreted by single and/or by infinite number of performers
I would like to invite you to participate on Interpretation experiment. 
We are facing the same reality of graphical entity, I am wondering if sound-structures manifests some similarities. 
Are there, in fact, some connections in between visual and audio perception? 
I would love to hear your approach, read carefully "manual_instructions" 
and send me, please, your 3 min on CDr, MD or any format is available to you. 
Sound-interpretations will be compiled on CD per twenty pieces in chronological order, 
each participant will receive copy of CD_ when is done ... 
This project will be open for another 10 years, dead_line is July 2015.
Image created by Slavek Kwi, 2003.
1st CDr_release !  !   !
Interpretations I.