* Situ.action  _ soundin + recordings) )            
              [ site - situation - action ]

Situ.action is an artistic and social experiment involving a collective of 
artists from different disciplines looking to work together to create
synergy through their co-operation and maybe even alchemy.
Situ.action is a project that responds to specific sites and time according        
to momentary state-of-mind and without hesitation. Action is taken on the        
same level as reaction, creating hopefully a growing spiral of mutual  
respect and understanding between the individuals participating within this        
situation. Performance aims at erasing barriers between artists and audience;        
ideally everyone is simply sharing the space and experiencing each other.        
The language that Situ.action speaks is neither academic nor is it exclusive,        
it's informed by nature, by machines, by the stream of human consciousness        
and unconsciousness and by accident. In that sense, Situ.action can contribute        
to the development of abstract forms of communication and simultaneously enhance        
our senses and mutual sensitivities. By dispensing with prescribed artistic        
forms, the group seeks to apprehend the act of communication directly. 
The ongoing work is the refinement of the response mechanism and development        
of  the abstract vocabulary by which the group hopes to communicate.       

Situ.action uses the forms and detritus of the past to create new tools and
new combinations of ideas; this bricolage is artistic recycling. The
improvisational quality localises the result. The subconscious and
divinatory aspects are "shamanic" in nature. The work is closer in this regard
to ritual invocation than it is to any modern western forms. Situ.action
hope that the work is transparent in its intention and exemplary of its

(extract written by Diarmuid Mac Diarmada from notes of SKwi)
Some thoughts on the audience involvement in Situ_action
written by Helen Blackhurst:

I would like the exchange to a therapeutic alliance. In order for 'real' communication to occur, both parties need to be open to exchange, open hearts, open minds. How do you open the hearts and minds of the audience? By being honest to yourself. By showing something fundamentally human, something universal that transcends class, race, etc, and reaches beyond our preconceptions. Need to touch souls. What will this exchange achieve? A growing consciousness, awareness that we are all connected, a sense of one's humanity, a better world. Situ-action is short. Art can act as the medium between the two parties, the container for universal truths stripped of individual traits, egos and personalities, which can block the process of connecting. Art has the capacity to touch souls when it contains universal truths about humankind, when we can see our face reflected in the eyes of the hero, when we hear our hearts beating in the soft tap of a finger on a drum.

... just thoughts

Some more thoughts (fragment from Inner Dialogues of Unspeakable)