August 2006:

sound_workshops (in collaboration with Helen Blackhurst) with aboriginal Yolngu children in
remote Christian School in Gawa (northern part of Elcho Island in Eastern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, 
AUSTRALIA), founded and ran by loving and dedicated headmistress and teacher Marilyn Huddleston. School
is situated within area of monzoon_forest and bush on the edge of red reefs of Arafura Sea recently damaged 
by cyclone. We collected together with children (various age) objects for generating sounds and music,
we focussed on local resources: as broken corals, shells, wood, old metal scrap, plastic bottles and boxes, 
leaves ... anything we could find and is easily accessible. Workshops were with smaller groups,  s i m p l y 
playing together and exploring sounds ...                                                                               ( documentary recordings available )
^ river + bush_fire
in background
^ aerial images:
^| instr u m  e  n  t    s
""""... :.:
fish + moth = food
^soldier crabs
(mictyris longicarpus)
^blue crab_hero