CD of s_creatures
COLLAGE from documentary recordings of total duration 79:54 
constructed/selected/recorded by SKwifrom improvisations and 
explorations of sounds recorded with: SF, SMcG, SS, PD, KC, AF, 
PM, SK, AK (as guest on #16-31) and SKwi 
(as project facilitator). 
CD available on request from Tuiscint Training Centre:
phone 01.4911473 or/and email <> 
or AMTnetshop
01. trrrrr_instrument solo
02. 5min of free_sound_scape   

03. clappers + string. micro.installation pt1.
04. wooden chimes
05. rrroling_piece
06. drum_ink pt1.
07. INSERT: "precursor of #16"
08. drum_ink pt2.
09. bridge_loop
10. drum_ink pt3.
11. PHRASE: sound_comment
12. shy_kers shake_off
13. phone_spiral: contact !
14. clappers + string.micro.installation pt2.
15. ballo_on
16. > 31: FREE_sound_scape improvisation
fragments in chronological order with INSERTS: 19. bridge_loop_piece "idon'tknow"
23. + 25. + 27. + 29. = sustain_loops in parallel mix with sounds of MAKING instruments 
(polishing of wood, file and sand_paper etc.)
32. copper_chimes solo
33. "how I created this instrument" (reading of process rec. in echoes) + drum_ink HYPNOTAR seq.
34. shifting in reverberant space_AMBITAR
35. AMBITAR off + solo copper chimes
36. solo copper chimes + ventilation system
(electro_acoustic sound_scape composed by s_kwi and yvonne b. entirely from environ.mental sounds, 2002) 
Draw (or describe) what do you hear, please, whatever it is_passing through your mind in connection with these sounds ... 
[and post (or email) it to slavek_kwi, it will be placed on this web_site]
38. trrrrr_end.