Studio 12 in IMMA, 2001 documentation CDs:
specific projects: .:.        .   outline of workshops 'sound_E_scapes"   

Sept 2008_Sept 2009: 'artist in the community scheme" project funded by The Arts Council 
and managed by CREATE T u i s c i n t   FM is cover name for radio-project 
" b r i d g e  b e t w ee n  t   w   o    w   o   r   l   d   s   "

Sept 2008_Sept 2009: Surroundings is an audio-active project facilitated by Slavek Kwi, 
supported and funded by The National Concert Hall and St.Declan's School, that aims to awaken 
the child's artistic sensibilities, with a specific focus on S O U N D. 
CD released n o w ! 
download detailed track list and information about employed sounds here.
August 2006: sound_workshops with Aboriginal Yolngu children in 
Gawa Christian School on Elcho Island, Eastern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. 
Collaboration with Helen Blackhurst, a writer. 

The National Concert Hall out_reach project with autistic and Asperges Syndrome 
children in Temple Street Children's Hospital and St.Declan's School in Dublin - on_going from 2001
Sound Creatures project in Tuiscint Centre as 'artist in the community scheme", 2005
> paralel sound_workshops on_going from 2001

Where The Language Might Be Born radio_phonic piece about sound_workshops with 
autistic children and those with learning disability in La Chanterelle School, Brussels - 1999/2000

articles about NCH out_reach project:
article: Irish Examiner article: Irish Times



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